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Ask Google what to eat before working out and you’ll yield approximately 17 million results.

Luckily, we discovered REVERE, a new company making pre- and post-exercise drinks that take out the guesswork.

REVERE offers three formulas in flavors like peach, vanilla chai and dark chocolate. Tear open a sachet of powder, pour it into water and shake. Guzzle away 30 minutes before that boot camp class, and within 30 minutes after for increased energy and stamina. 

So how is this stuff different? Well, the supplement industry isn’t exactly known for its strict regulation. This means that the very products billed as fat-burning miracles are often loaded with sugar and birthday cake flavorings. REVERE’s three formulas contain plant-based proteins, derived from peas, brown rice, beetroot and pomegranate (for endurance), sweet potato (for sustained energy and reduced inflammation) and tart cherry (to reduce soreness).

We put the the pre-drink, Peach Tea, to the test a few weeks ago and noticed the results two spin classes later—after which we felt more energized, less sore and all around better equipped to handle 45 minutes of being yelled at. 

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