PureWow Editors on the One Quarantine Practice They’ll Carry With Them After Lockdown

For many, stay-at-home orders meant a chance to reevaluate routines and take on new tasks. While a lot of those new goals didn’t exactly stick (working out every day…ha!), some of our new habits had us all, “How come I never did this before?!” Here, seven quarantine practices our editors ended up loving so much, they’re making them a permanent part of the “new normal.”

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1. Making Saturday Donut Runs

“We never leave the house, but on Saturday mornings, I get takeout donuts (or just breakfast in general) and iced coffee from a different small business. It gets us to seek out restaurants and cafes we’ve never heard of before and gives us a fun way to kick off the weekend. It’s crucial when all the days feel the same, but even as things reopen, it’s a way to connect, instead of diving into chores.” —Candace D., Executive Editor

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2. Wearing Natural Deodorant

“I switched to an aluminum-free deodorant at the beginning of quarantine because I figured, I’m not sweating and I’m not seeing anyone! And then I realized my white T-shirts weren’t getting the same pit stains as when I used aluminum deodorant…so I’m officially on the natural train for good. Good timing, too, because O.G. natural deo brand Malin & Goetz (their Eucalyptus deodorant has been a best-seller for years) just released a new scent: Bergamot. It’s made with skin-protecting ingredients—like natural bergamot extract to refresh, corn starch to naturally absorb moisture and probiotic enzymes to help stop odor—and the opaque formula works for all skin types, even sensitive.” —Katherine G. Food, Editor

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3. Daily Partner-to-partner Catchups

"I have a lockdown habit with my husband where we have a “family catch-up” every day at 12:30 p.m.—it may be three minutes or it may be 30, but it takes place right after we set our son down for his nap so that we can go over all the family “to-do’s.” We have attempted family meetings before, but COVID times require them given that we're juggling jobs and childcare at the same time. It forces us to package our priorities so that we're not stressed by logistical things and interrupting Mrs. America to ask about a tax question or who's re-ordering our son's multi-vitamin. Why it will continue when this is done? We've found midday to be a solid time to come together—we're not overwhelmed by a morning routine or exhausted and hangry at the end of the night. It allows us to focus and be efficient and most important get. Annoying. Shit. Done." —Rachel B., Senior Editor, Special Projects

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4. Curbing Screen Time

“Since we’ve been working from home, I realized almost every minute of my workday is spent in front of a computer screen. When we were in the office, I’d take breaks throughout the day to take a walk or chat with co-workers, but now I’m on my own...and my eyes are feeling the stress of the screen. Because of that, I’ve been using my phone less and less. It feels so freeing to not be tied to checking Instagram or getting lost in an Amazon search for the best bike shorts. Quarantine has taught me to be grateful for all the things I’m able to do (and have) and once we’re allowed to go back to a “normal” routine, and I have no intention of interrupting time with my friends and family because of a cell phone.” —Rachel G., Managing Editor

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5. Growing A Veggie Garden

“I always loved the idea of gardening, but I more or less have a black thumb with houseplants, so I thought it wasn’t “for me.” Wrong! When quarantine gave me a weird sense of domestic confidence I claimed a spot in my community garden right away and have been watering and weeding ever since. I now have two types of tomatoes, shishito peppers, basil, catnip and marigolds (to keep the bugs away, but also, they’re pretty). Things are going 1,000 times better than expected aside from the serrano peppers—R.I.P.—and not only am I definitely doing it again next year but my goal for 2021 is to grow an entire salad.” —Cristina G., Senior Editor

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6. Hosting Virtual Game Nights

“Random weeknight game sessions over Zoom is something I really hope to continue post Covid-19. It’s so easy to just pop on a call and play a 20-minute game, but what I really love is getting to see and check in with friends and family more regularly without any of the hassle of going to another borough or out to Long Island (or across the country in some cases!). It also gives us something to do and chat about, so you don’t feel pressured to have some big update or piece of news as you might with a phone call.” —Abby H., Associate Editor

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7. Prioritizing Bubble Baths

“Now that I have more time in the evenings, I take one a few times a week to decompress after the workday and I fully intend on continuing to make time for them moving forward.” —Kara C., Assistant Commerce Editor

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