8 Great Products That May Help You Stay on Track This Holiday Season

The holiday season is here—which for us (and we’re betting for you too) means never passing up a celebratory glass of champagne or piece of leftover pie. And while we certainly endorse some indulgence at the end of a busy year, we also try to keep our self-care top of mind. That way, we’re not feeling like we’re totally starting from scratch when it comes time to make those New Year’s resolutions. Luckily, it’s actually easier than you think to stay on track during the holidays thanks to these great products. Because little changes really can make a big difference.

kevita products

1. Refreshing Probiotic Drinks

Had a few too many Merlots at the office holiday soiree last night (and plenty more party plans on your weekend calendar)? Feel like yourself again by swapping out the alcohol for some probiotics. Probiotics are a good bacteria that, when consumed in adequate amounts, may provide health benefits. (PSA: 70 percent of your immune system is in your gut.) KeVita, a line of refreshing probiotic beverages, contains billions of live probiotics—and they’ve got lots of options that’d make some amazing mocktails.

Their Sparkling Probiotic Drink is a light, low-calorie option with eight flavors like Ginger Colada and Strawberry Acai Coconut. Kombucha fan? Their Master Brew Kombucha is an invigorating, bold drink fermented with a kombucha tea culture, live probiotics, organic acids and 13 flavors. They also have an Apple Cider Vinegar Tonic and concentrated Prebiotic Shots for a quick flavor hit. And all of their options are certified organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan and made with delicious ingredients. You’ll have something good to sip on all season long.

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Bala Bangles

2. Bala Bangles

Finding time to fit in a workout during the holidays can seem like more of an exercise in futility. (Let’s face it: There’s always something higher up on your to-do list.) These trendy weighted bracelets, which you can wear on either your ankles or wrists, have a Velcro enclosure to fit any size. Put ‘em on while you’re holiday shopping, gift wrapping (or actually working out, of course) to help tone your muscles—minimal effort, or thought, required.

heathish water tracking bottle

3. Water-tracking Bottle

We really don’t have to tell you how important drinking water is (but we will anyway). A new water bottle with time prompts on the side will encourage you to stay hydrated no matter how chaotic your days get. We like this chic, minimalist version made from nontoxic BPA-free plastic. Because drinking enough water will help you feel less fatigued and counteract holiday hangovers.

hum energy supplement

4. Energy-boosting Supplement

Have a full day of work, the usual parenting responsibilities and the task of baking two dozen cookies for your holiday bake swap? This dietary capsule will give you all the benefits of productivity without the jitters or crash that so often come along with our beloved caffeine. It blends adaptogens such as relaxing ashwagandha and fatigue-fighting astralagus root with nutrients like metabolism-boosting B6 and concentration-enhancing amino acid L-Tyrosine.

w p portable bowl
W&P Design

5. Portable Bowl

Eating a nutritious lunch can keep yourself (and your wallet) healthy during the holidays, which tend to be all about excess. Packing a homemade salad, grain bowl or leftovers is a great way to do that, but you’ll need a good container on hand to do so. We like this one made from durable borosilicate glass and wrapped in protective matte silicone. It's dishwasher- and microwave-safe and comes in two sizes and five pretty colors.

papier wellness journal

6. Wellness Journal

One of the best ways to stay accountable, no matter the time of year, is by putting your goals in writing. This journal has 12-weeks-worth of pages to help you monitor habits, meals, water intake, sleep patterns and more. There’s also space to set your intention for the day and plan out a self-care routine. Bonus: It would also make a perfect gift, since you can customize the cover for a sweet personal touch.

amazfit fitness tracker
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7. Fitness Tracker

Basically the digital version of your wellness journal, a smart fitness tracker can help you with everything from logging your sleep to ensuring you get enough exercise every day. (You’ll be amazed how many steps you log during your gift-shopping trip to the mall.) This affordable version also monitors blood oxygen saturation, stress levels and heart rate throughout the day, as well as tracks 11 sports. The cherry on top? It can hold a charge for up to two weeks.

eir muscle balm

8. Sore Muscle Balm

If you’re pretty good about staying up on your workouts all year long, first of all, we salute you. Second, you’ve probably experienced sore muscles—especially during winter. Since cold weather causes muscles to lose more heat and contract, you’re more apt to experience tightness throughout the body during your winter workouts. A muscle-soothing balm can help you get back to business quicker. This one has shea butter and coconut oil for a hydrating base and arnica, vitamin E and notes of peppermint to ease soreness.

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