Why Playtex Is All Over TikTok, Thanks to These Active Mom/Daughter Duos

It’s no surprise that TikTok is essentially a hub for discovering all things trendy, tried and true. And in this case, we’re talking tampons. Moms and their daughters have taken to the app to work out together—a trend that would be cute enough on its own. But the true driving force behind the activity is letting everyone else in on a little secret called Playtex Sport.

You’ve probably heard of Playtex Sport before, but mother/daughter duos are obsessed with them right now because they’ve discovered that the tampons are quite literally designed to go with the flow. And ahead of summer—arguably a family’s most active season of the year—period products that actually perform are more important than ever.

These particular tampons prevent leaking with 360-degree sport-level protection, meaning you can stay confident while exercising on your period, no matter what that looks like for you.

And it’s not just moms and their daughters who are loving Playtex. Fitness influencers who know all about the power of working out on your period are on board. Just check out the post from @JennyJFitness below.

Even everyday women who love to move their bodies are onto Playtex Sport, like health and wellness influencer @_samanthajo_.

Basically, TikTok is here to tell you that working out while on your period is all gain when you use Playtex Sport, and we’re always here to support a genuine confidence-boosting trend.

Shop Playtex below:

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Playtex Sport Tampons

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