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The Sweetest Way to Show Your Overwhelmed Partner You Love Them

Has your S.O. been a big, old crabby-pants as of late? (Yuh-huh.) Well, instead of defaulting to your usual eye-for-an-eye mentality, why not change the narrative...and do something super nice for them instead? Our suggestion: Organize something that's stressing him or her out.

Reminder, people: It’s been scientifically proven that clutter stresses us out and affects our overall happiness. So if your honey has been majorly miserable or even just a little "off," take this opportunity to beautify and organize something in their home life that isn't doing anybody any favors. A few ideas: fold and color coordinate the dresser, alphabetize that avalanche of a record collection, or vacuum out the car. Coming home to a nice surprise like this has a major ripple effect. 

(One caveat: If you have a spouse who will take this as a passive-aggressive move, do not attempt.)

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