11 Things People Love About Their New WFH Morning Routine

At the start of quarantine, when many of us shifted to a work-from-home schedule, our whole mentality shifted along with it: no more commute, no more coworkers to chat with throughout the day, no more space to actually get work done (!). However, throughout all this change, we’ve come to realize there are actually a lot of positives to working from home. Here, 11 people tell us what they love about their new-found morning routine.

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“Prior to quarantine my mornings were very often a rushed blur of getting dressed, running between showrooms and attempting to grab a cup of coffee and breakfast somewhere in all the madness before I reached the office. But now, as I have nowhere to go, I’ve found myself absolutely loving the super quiet, slow-paced hours before I log on for work. In particular, I’ve come to really cherish brewing a pot of coffee first thing in the morning and sipping it slowly while I ease my way into the day. For me, the darker the brew the better (I prefer to drink my coffee black) so my recent favorite has been Folgers® Noir ™ True Dark. It’s rich and smooth and a delicious way to wake myself up. I’m really hoping I can keep this new tradition going even if/when I start commuting regularly again.”—Abby H.

“I take my morning coffee so seriously now. I always loved heading into the office and settling in with my first cup and getting my day going but now that all that happens at home (with kids and a puppy underfoot) I need a clear cue that I’m entering work mode. So, what does that look like? Well, I have about five new milks and creamers in the fridge (from macadamia nut to coconut milk) and I splurged on a Yeti mug to keep it all toasty in my new office (ahem, my bedroom). When I’m holding that first cup, it’s a clear signal to the family that I’m no longer ‘mommy,’ I’m Mary Kate McGrath, content extraordinaire!”— Mary Kate M.

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“Instead of the time I used to spend driving to work, I do “beditation” where I lay in bed a little longer and do deep breathing exercises.”—Dana D.

“I still wake up at the same time as I used to, but I use it very differently now. I love the extra time I get without my commute to take a long morning walk, exercise, do some housecleaning and spiritually prepare myself for the day. I’m much more focused and productive as a result.”—Chris W.

“I love being able to go on long walks with my dog while listening to a podcast…and not be sweating bullets on the subway in the summer heat.”—Aly O.

“The fact that I swapped my morning commute for some ‘me’ time. I’ve been doing Melissa Wood Health workouts in the AM, a not-rushed skincare routine, and a few extra minutes of sleep!”—Carly K.

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“This might be super cheesy but besides getting to sleep in longer, I love my new WFH morning routine because I get to spend more time with my boyfriend. Before, we were always rushing to get out the door and now it’s much calmer and we can do things like play tennis before work or simply relax.”—Ali B.

“Before working from home, I was definitely one of those people who ‘dressed up for the office.’ It was never a chore—in fact, I loved it. However, while working from home my priorities and the clothes I gravitate towards have shifted. Exhibit A: I have about 15 dresses in my wardrobe and have not worn a single one of them since March. Instead, I’ve found that what I feel most comfortable and confident in is a great pair of denim and a T-shirt or tank. So, as this work from home situation continues, I’ve used it to rethink where I’m spending my time and energy in the morning. Paring down has helped me to devote more of my morning routine to things like quality time with my husband versus figuring out what shoes look best with my new cropped trousers (sorry, friends—we’ll meet again soon).”—Angela P.

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“I get to video chat with my family every morning. It’s been really, really hard not being able to see them as often as I used to. I chat with my grandparents every other morning and also with my brother and his kids. One of them is two-years-old and the other is about to be one, so they’re talking and doing all of those cute, silly things. Being able to have the extra time to dedicate to video chatting with them rather than a rushed phone call during my commute makes the distance so much easier. It’s time gained for me and it’s truly the best. I’m really thankful for it.”—Vanessa S.

“Since I’ve stopped commuting into the city every day, I have the opportunity to eat breakfast with my son. Before quarantine, I basically didn’t see him at all in the morning because I was running out of the house to catch the train. Now, I look forward to our daily morning chats babbles over waffles and milk.”—John G.

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“Now that it doesn’t require waking up at 5 a.m., I can finally go for morning runs (after talking about it for 3+ years). It gives me time to de-stress, think and enjoy the weather before my day of staring at a screen begins.”—Katherine G.

“I’ve been using my mornings to focus on my body and to do things that help ease any anxiety I’m carrying. I wake up at the same time I usually would if I had to commute on the train, so I have almost two and a half hours of free time before I log onto work. Slowly but surely, I’ve added 30-minute cardio workouts (an extreme rarity for me) into my morning routine and I spend the rest of the time organizing the apartment and reading, which is something I used to only do during my commute so I’m happy I’ve been able to get that habit back. This new routine has helped me so much mentally and physically and I really love it. I’m crossing my fingers I can savor it for as long as possible.”—Rachel G.

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