Your Monthly Horoscopes: December 2021

December’s fast-paced astrology wraps up the major themes of 2021 and sets the stage for 2022. Things start off with a bang on the 4th with a total solar eclipse in Sagittarius, which is the last eclipse in the archer’s sign until 2029. This lunation is about choosing growth over stagnation. Time to be brave. Then on the 13th, Mercury enters Capricorn and Mars enters Sagittarius. Mercury in Capricorn is the worldbuilder (Think: JRR Tolkien’s Middle Earth and Dolly Parton’s expansive song catalogue) while Mars in Sagittarius is the freewheeling philosopher, motivated by truth. After a year where every step forward required three steps back, momentum is finally building.

Then—don’t freak out but—Venus goes retrograde in Capricorn on the 18th through January 29th. Relationships of all kinds need a solid foundation, and this transit inspires us to look inward so we can shed the obsessions, the self-destructive habits and the outdated perspectives that keep us from the love we deserve. The full moon in Gemini on the 19th briefly takes our minds off the heavy stuff so mark that date for some lovely holiday mingling and cheer.

Capricorn season begins on the 21st, further emphasizing commitment, longevity and stability in all parts of our lives. But on the 24th, we have the finale of the ongoing clash between steady Saturn and disruptive Uranus, which has brought shake ups on both a personal and societal level all year, reminding us that nothing is ever certain. The one thing that is though is conversations around the dinner table on Christmas will not be boring.

Finally, on the 29th, happy days are here again as Jupiter enters sweet, dreamy Pisces. A sign that though we’re still in the thick of it, 2022, at the very least, brings a lot more hope, optimism and freedom.

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that sign may provide further insight.)

12 aries

December is for studying, dreaming and flying away, Aries, even if you’re doing it all from the comfort of your couch. In fact, it’s your long-term plans that keep you afloat while dealing with holiday stress. The solar eclipse on the 4th brings major news about school for either you or your kid, ending a long period of struggle in this area for your family. The scholarship money is approved, and it looks like, despite the odds, it’s all going to work out. Once Mars enters your travel sector on the 13th, wanderlust takes the wheel. If you can’t splurge on a trip abroad, take a night to go out to the fancy sushi place and pretend you’re in Japan.

Love Horoscope: Venus goes retrograde in your career sector on the 18th, which could bring shifts at work for both you and your partner. One of you is taking on more responsibilities at the office which means the other has to take on extra duties at home. This isn’t a simple negotiation and will require constant conversation through the rest of the winter.

Money Horoscope: With the planets gathering in Capricorn and your career sector throughout the month, you’re ready to take on more leadership opportunities at work. But Saturn’s final clash with Uranus on the 24th might see competition with coworkers get out of hand as the year ends. As the saying goes, keep your eyes on your own paper.

1 taurus

December begins with you still reeling from the lunar eclipse in your sign on November 19th, which brought a major shakeup to your entire sense of self. Thankfully, the solar eclipse on the 4th is less personal. Instead, you and your business partner are finally consolidating your finances! Then, your ruling planet Venus goes retrograde on the 19th in your travel sector, and you can’t fight the urge to plan a major trip or go back to school. This isn’t just a flight of fancy, it’s something integral to your very identity. What if you could go completely remote with work and see more of the world?

Love Horoscope: Mars moves into your shared resources sector on the 13th, making it impossible to have a conversation that’s just about “me,” it’s always about “we.” Your partner’s going through it and though you want to help, the constant negative talk is exhausting. What’s starting to feel like a liability?

Money Horoscope: After the solar eclipse on the 4th, you’re inspired to plan to get yourself out of debt. Whether it’s tackling your student loans once and for all or just finally paying off years of parking tickets, the first step is to move from a scarcity mindset to one of abundance. By the full moon in Gemini on the 19th, you’re feeling more in control of your own cash flow.

2 gemini

Relationship breakups and breakthroughs come with the solar eclipse on the 4th, closing a hard chapter in your love life. This ending refreshes you though. You’re taking meetings, making dates and meeting people everywhere you go. Connection is easy when you know what you want! Then on the 13th, Mercury enters your shared resources sector, bringing up a lot of stress over debts, loans and credit, especially as you spend most of the month deep in holiday shopping. What can get cut from the budget? Try not to be too hard on yourself though—the full moon in your sign on the 19th (the first in years that hasn’t been eclipsed) puts the spotlight on you and your personal growth.

Love Horoscope: The solar eclipse on the 4th ends a relationship that has been bringing you down for quite some time. This is an emotional clean break but not a physical one. There are lots of logistical details to work out, like who gets the Taylor Swift tickets and are you still splitting that Christmas gift for his sister?

Money Horoscope: With Venus going retrograde in your shared resources sector on the 18th, there’s lots to be worked out in regards to debts, taxes and bills over the next few months. You’ve avoided that credit card collection for years now but what if you finally started paying it off? The first step is admitting you have a problem.

3 cancer

Over the last few years, you’ve been on a relentless journey with your health, fitness and daily maintenance, and the solar eclipse on the 4th brings that chapter to a close. An administrative nightmare or health scare with you or your pet could come up around this time, so stay hydrated and leave your schedule open to handle all the necessary details. The middle part of the month finds you in constant conversation with your partner or BFF about holiday plans. You wish someone else would just handle everything for you, but it’s up to you to work out the details. Leave time for yourself too because the full moon in Gemini on the 19th falls in your unconscious sector, forcing you to prioritize rest.

Love Horoscope: Has your relationship lost its passion in pursuit of stability? Our favorite Belgian psychotherapist Esther Perel writes in Mating in Captivity that “love by its very nature is unstable.” So, what’s keeping you closed off? With Venus going retrograde in your partnership sector on the 18th, all kinds of power dynamics and intimacy concerns are up for review. Things that were previously swept under the rug can no longer be ignored.

Money Horoscope: Jupiter’s transit through your shared resources sector has helped you find extra support and generosity this year. Going on your partner’s health insurance releases tons of financial burdens for you but how can you continue to consolidate when “luck” isn’t necessarily on your side?

4 leo

The solar eclipse in Sagittarius on the 4th brings a tough chapter in your dating life, creative practice or relationship with your kids to a close. Along with Mars’s shift into the archer’s sign on the 13th, you’re feeling energized this month to get back out there or at the very least, to make time for hobbies again. Then, the sun’s shift into Capricorn on the 21st puts you on your annual wellness kick. You’re taking your vitamins, signing up for Pilates intensives and somehow abstaining from drinking through every holiday party. When you go hard, you go hard. How can you bring more moderation to make this routine sustainable?

Love Horoscope:

The solar eclipse on the 4th makes you aware of exactly what you don’t want from a lover. As Jupiter has spent this entire year in your partnership sector, there have been so many opportunities for love, but none of them have felt quite right. The hunger for connection remains though. After a year of “no” spent defining your boundaries, what makes you want to say “yes”?

Money Horoscope: Jupiter enters your shared resources sector on the 29th bringing a boon to your joint investments. Now’s the time to apply for grants, take a chance on loans and enter into business agreements. As long as you take the time to carefully work out the details, you can be confident you’re choosing the right bargains.

5 virgo

The solar eclipse on the 4th brings a tumultuous chapter in your home and family life to a close. Whether it’s a blowout argument with your mom or your landlord, you at least know where you stand. Then, Mars moves into Sagittarius on the 13th, giving you energy to make improvements at home. You’re finally picking up the pieces after years of it all falling apart. Mercury in Capricorn from the 15th keeps your mind on your kids throughout the holiday season. Your love language isn’t just acts of service, it’s also attention to detail. Giving your little ones thoughtful gifts brings so much joy.

Love Horoscope: Venus goes retrograde in your romance sector on the 18th, giving you an extended opportunity (through late January) to revisit lost loves. Reviewing all those bad dates and messy relationships doesn’t just bring a cringe or a laugh, it opens you up to recognize your hidden relationship and intimacy issues. Haul out the old journals, it’s time for some shadow work!

Money Horoscope: The Full Moon in Gemini on the 19th brings an uncomplicated boost to your career. Finally, you’re getting some pure recognition that doesn’t leave you overwhelmed, frustrated or dissatisfied. Venus retrograde also brings up scarcity issues for you. How can you address these feelings without letting them consume you?

6 libra

Tectonic shifts have been happening in your home and family life for years now. You may not notice these changes day to day, but think back to where you were living and how you were relating in 2008—haven’t you come a long way? Your ruling planet Venus goes retrograde in Capricorn on the 18th, asking you to review not only the last few months of your relationships but the last decade of foundations you’ve built. How has your living space shaped your relationship dynamics and your sense of identity? Though there’s a ton of family stuff to do this holiday season, make sure you’re taking a lot of private time to reflect and recharge. The answers you seek should remain secrets for now.

Love Horoscope: Though your partnerships are stable, the solar eclipse on the 4th might bring a shakeup to your friend group. Someone who’s constantly letting you down or making you feel less-than in the group chat has got to go. Breaking up with a friend is tough, but think about how much more love you’ll have to give when you cut the cord.

Money Horoscope: The final clash of Saturn and Uranus on the 24th closes a testy chapter for your financial independence. Whether you’ve been building your own business, going freelance or just taking on more personal projects at work, you’ve felt creatively stifled on the path to getting ahead. Now that you’re facing the last of the major setbacks, how can you make sure your work matches your integrity going forward?

7 scorpio

Identity and cash flow are your primary concerns this month as your ruling planet Mars finishes up its time in your sign before moving into Sagittarius on the 13th. How you can better advocate for yourself is the most important thing to mull over as you review 2021 and prepare for 2022. With your relationships in flux after last month’s lunar eclipse, you may feel chaotic or lost at sea heading into the holidays. Instead of rushing into a fling or back to a bad relationship, consider how you can be a better lover to yourself.

Love Horoscope: Venus retrograde begins on the 18th in your communication sector. Over the next couple of months, your mission is to communicate your needs more clearly. Not just to your partner but to lovers of all kinds and close friends. What problems do you deprioritize in the hopes of keeping the peace? Sometimes what’s painful to bring to the surface is what most needs to be said.

Money Horoscope: Between the solar eclipse on the 4th and Mars entering Sagittarius on the 13th, most of this month is focused on your personal finances. You’re feeling a lack of resources, but you’re also energized to fix some of your deepest money issues. The full moon in Gemini on the 19th illuminates some clear paths to pull you out of a financial hole. Take the support when it’s offered.

8 sagittarius

Since December 2020, your ruling planet Jupiter has been traveling through your third house of local environment and communications. This transit has expanded your relationships with neighbors and extended family, while improving your technical skills and enriching your creative practices. Between learning Photoshop, mastering new recipes and building family ties through a group chat with all your cousins, there are so many things you do now which felt impossible last year. On the 29th, Jupiter moves into Pisces, ushering in an era of home expansion for you. The space you seek—whether that’s an empty nest or an apartment free of roommates—is on the horizon.

Love Horoscope: The solar eclipse on the 4th is all about choosing yourself. That’s choosing yourself over your job, your family and yes, even that blossoming relationship. You’ve learned so much over the last few years about what you need from partnership but it’s your self love that has been spiritualized. The full moon on the 19th is for celebrating yourself and all your besties.

Money Horoscope: Venus goes retrograde on the 18th in your money sector, meaning that through late January, your cash is up for review, reversals and refinancing. This is a transit that last occurred in December 2013 - January 2014. What money mistakes did you make then and how can you avoid repeating them now?


You’re the main character of December, Capricorn. You can run, but it’s impossible to hide. Love planet Venus spends the entire month in your sign and goes retrograde on the 18th—get ready to reconsider your appearance, personality and entire vibe over the next six weeks. Though this isn’t a time that I would advise you to make a permanent change to your hair, wardrobe or skincare routine, it might be fun to put in some (washable) pink streaks or dig one of your cute college dresses out of the depths of your closet to wear to a holiday party. What’s old is new, and who’s to say what worked in the past won’t work again now?

Love Horoscope: The solar eclipse on the 4th falls in your unconscious sector and could lead to a clash with your partner. If you’ve been secretive or he’s been withholding, it’s time to get all the grudges out on the table. After airing your grievances, the full moon on the 19th sees the two of you back to your usual teamwork and routine.

Money Horoscope: Saturn makes its final clash with Uranus on the 24th, bringing a tumultuous period for your finances to an end. Even if this means giving up on your freelance dreams or putting your business on hold, there’s something comforting about returning to stability.

10 aquarius

This year has left you feeling like an army of one. The solar eclipse on the 4th brings a chapter of feeling socially isolated to an end, as you accept that certain relationships must break off in order to nurture the ones that bring you joy. Jupiter has been in your sign since December 2020, and as it spends its final month boosting your energy and vitality, you’re able to gain some perspective on how much you’ve grown since this time last year. As the expansion planet shifts into Pisces on the 29th, you’re ready to start reaping the benefits of all that personal growth.

Love Horoscope: Venus begins her retrograde in your unconscious sector on the 18th, making this a good month to go inward and withdraw from the dating game. If you’re already partnered, you may feel like dining or going to movies solo and handling holiday shopping on your own. Accepting your fears and strengthening your relationship with yourself only makes your partnership better.

Money Horoscope: Jupiter—planet of luck and good times—enters your money sector on the 29th, ushering in a new era for your finances in 2022. You got a preview of this expansion of assets back in May through July of this year. This sudden increase could feel overwhelming but don’t hesitate to count your blessings as they start rolling in.

11 pisces

Let’s be real, Pisces, 2021 was not exactly your best year. With both Saturn and your ruling planet Jupiter taking up space in your unconscious sector, you spent more time alone this year than you did during even the depths of early lockdown in 2020. December sees you finally coming up for air. And though it’s a relief to get out of the shadows, you might miss the solitude once it’s gone. The full moon in Gemini on the 19th serves as a soft launch for your new era. You’re hosting an intimate holiday party with your closest friends and family, getting comfortable with letting others back into your space. By the time Jupiter enters your sign on the 29th, things are moving full speed ahead. 2022 is your power time.

Love Horoscope: Chatty Mercury cruises into your social sector on the 13th, making you more excited about circulating at this year’s holiday parties. Whether you’re single or partnered, you’re flirty, vibing and making tons of connections. You’re also an excellent matchmaker this month so start putting out feelers for all your single friends.

Money Horoscope: The solar eclipse on the 4th brings definitive information about the next steps in your career. Whether you’re stepping away for maternity leave or cutting your hours at a side hustle that’s exhausting you, less is actually more.

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