Thank God These Maternity Leggings Exist

If you’re pregnant, chances are you’ve been on the hunt for that ultimate pair of maternity leggings. They’re not too expensive, not too cheap and, most important, comfortable. As a person who is currently eight months pregnant, I’ve definitely purchased my fair share of maternity leggings. Some were great for the first trimester when I was bloated, cranky and nauseous, but they were thrashed by the time I hit my second-trimester stride. Others were wonderful at covering my ever-growing bump, but excessively expensive. And then I found Bump’n.

Founded by a mom for moms, Bump’n leggings are different in that you get a whole lot of bang for your buck. Sure, they’re made for pregnant women, but they work well before, during and after your pregnancy. Did I mention that a portion of the sales from these good-quality, affordable leggings goes to IVF and infertility charities? I tried the brand’s three maternity styles and here’s exactly what I thought of each.

every mama bump n maternity leggings

1. The Every Mama

I’d call these Bump’n’s hero product. As the name suggests, the Every Mama is great for all shapes and sizes of bumps. These leggings offer fantastic belly support, and since they’re extremely high-waisted they don’t cut off your circulation. They also utilize a compression technology that’s essential for travel or just general life in your third trimester (hello, swollen everything). They also incorporate a butt-lift technology that makes me feel cute despite the fact that I can no longer see my feet or vagina—and they’re moisture-wicking and tagless. I’d definitely say these are my favorite pair for working out, walking, traveling or running errands. They were a touch baggy in my second trimester, but by the time I was 26 weeks or so, they were a godsend.

zen mama bump n maternity leggings

2. The Zen Mama

The Zen Mama is for the yoga (and lounge) enthusiast in all of us. The leggings are soft and comfortable for every stage of pregnancy—even before you conceive. Thanks to the ruched belly, they can be worn high-waisted or folded over to sit lower on your hips. This quick modification makes it easy to accommodate a bump or lack thereof. Although they’re also moisture-wicking (like the Every Mama), I found them to be more optimal for relaxing around the house, going out (like to the grocery store, not the club) and doing light exercise. They offer less compression, so they’re more of a comfort-over-function sort of item.

power mama bump n maternity leggings

3. The Power Mama

Since these are mid-rise instead of high-waisted, I’d say the Power Mama is best for the earlier days of your pregnancy before you really pop. Of course, everyone’s body is different, but I found that they bunched under my bump by the time my third trimester rolled around. This, however, proved to be useful once my rib pain set in and it was sometimes uncomfortable to have my pants graze them. (Dear baby, please stop kicking me in the ribs. Thanks.) The fabric used for this option is very Lululemon-esque, so these are my go-to when I’m meeting a friend or heading to the office. Working out in them with an exaggerated bump isn’t really optimal, but they definitely look the most like standard black jeggings.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go lie down (in my leggings).

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