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The new rage for boutique exercise programs has left Los Angeles fitness buffs spoiled for choice. So even if you never cross the 405, one these 13 workouts is waiting practically outside your door.

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Burn 60 728x524

Brentwood: Burn 60

This is one of those high-intensity interval training classes (H.I.I.T.) where you are racing over to the treadmill for ten minutes of nausea-inducing sprints, then racing back to the floor for painful reps of arm, ab and butt work. In other words, a really good time.

159 S. Barrington Pl.; 310-476-5656 or

plate fitness los angeles neighborhood workout

West Hollywood: Platefit

Inside this shoebox-sized studio off Beverly Boulevard, you stand on a vibrating treadmill called a Power Plate that basically destabilizes your body so much, your muscles get a killer workout just trying to stand still. (That’s before the teacher starts calling out leg lifts.) There’s so much going on, you only need 27 minutes to get a full body workout.

309 N. Kings Rd.; 323-782-1770 or

oragetheory fitness los angeles neighborhood workouts

Pasadena: OrangeTheory

This high-intensity interval training (H.I.I.T.) sesh has something other rigorous workouts around town don’t: heart rate monitors. Throughout the one-hour class, you make sure to stay within a target zone that boosts your metabolism during and after class. So the fat-burning keeps happening even after you hit the showers.

2091 E. Colorado Ave.; 626-788-9755 or

pop physique los angeles neighborhood workout
Living Social

Silverlake: Pop Physique

In one huge ground-floor loft on a retail stretch, this deceptively easy-looking barre class mixes classic Pilates and ballet moves with props like weights and rubber balls. Your legs will be shaking by the end of class, and you’ll understand why this is the best butt workout in town.

3501 W. Sunset Blvd.; 323-665-7777 or

lagree fitness studio los angeles neighborhood workout
Lagree Fitness Studio/Facebook

North La Cienega: LaGree Fitness Studio

Pressed for time? Take a 25-minute class on the Supraformer, a patented update of the Megaformer that tilts laterally (like you’re balancing on a surfboard) and inclines (like you’re on a treadmill). You’re working so hard just to stay stable, you don’t need a whole hour to really feel the burn.

375 N La Cienega Blvd., #1; (424) 274-2899 or

yogaqua los angeles neighborhood workout

Marina Del Rey: YogAqua

This is year-round fun, since you don’t actually get in the water (it’s not like a sweaty Ashtanga series of moves or anything). First there’s 30 minutes of getting used to maneuvering your stand-up paddleboard, then an hour of yoga moves tailored to your proficiency in yoga.

13977 Palawan Way; 805-283-9642 or

Sanctuary Fitness 728x418

DTLA: Sanctuary Fitness

This just-opened warehouse space gym is kinda bonkers, but we love it: It has spin classes in a rainbow-lit room and a giant H.I.I.T. training room that’s much sunnier and roomier than most CrossFit gyms. Between the assisted pull-ups, waterwheel rowing and plyo-box jumping, you’ll appreciate the cheery sunlight as much as the bubbly, non-shaming instructors.

718 Jackson St.;

corepower yoga los angeles neighborhood workout
CorePower Yoga

Sherman Oaks: CorePower Yoga

Need to fit into your high school prom dress like, tomorrow? Sign up for the Hot Power Fusion class, where you’ll move at a brisk pace through sun salutations and other flowing postures…in a room heated from 100 to 103 degrees. Water retention, say bye-bye.

13920 Ventura Blvd.; 818-784-9642 or

taryn toomey los angeles neighborhood workout
The Class by Taryn Toomey

Santa Monica: The Class by Taryn Toomey

This early morning just-over-an-hour class is a combo platter: You’ll do simple calisthenics, plyometrics (that’s fancy talk for jumping) and aerobics, along with shouted affirmations that encourage you to push yourself harder toward physical and emotional well-being. You’ll pant, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry…and the next day, you’ll be perfectly sore.

At Yogis Anonymous, 1221 Second St.; 877-958-9644 or

Soul Cycle 728x418
Business Insider

Malibu: Soul Cycle

Here’s the thing you need when you’re hitting the beach: a toned midsection. Also, here is what most people don’t know about spin classes: The only way you can keep up with the increasing speed and wheel resistance is to really activate your core. So take this 45-minute class and you’ll be crop-top ready.

3874 Cross Creek Rd.; 310-973-7685 or

airfitnow los angeles neighborhood workouts1
AirFit Now

West Third Street: Air Fit Now

Have a bad back, a yearning for a strong core and/or a secret desire to join Cirque du Soleil? Then this antigravity yoga studio is your jam. You’ll wrap yourself in ceiling-mounted silk bands then stretch, climb and do crunches before cooling down in the band as if it’s a cocoon.

2474 W. Third St.; 203-305-8447 or

piloxing burbank los angeles neighborhood workout

Burbank: Piloxing Academy

This is the sweatiest little workout hybrid you’ve never heard of. A mix of Pilates and boxing, this hour-long class takes you from the barre to floor exercises while you’re wearing weighted gloves and practicing hooks, jabs and uppercuts like there’s no tomorrow.

2220 W Magnolia Blvd.; 818-762-8855 or

lacey stone fitness los angeles neighborhood workout

Larchmont: Flywheel Sports

Like competition? Join the Type A spin devotees here; you sign up to your speed and bike resistance displayed on the TorqBoard for all to see. For an extra-added challenge, take sculpted celebrity trainer Lacey Stone’s super-tough class.

147 N. Larchmont Blvd.; 323-446-2425 or

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