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Tech injuries happen. (Ugh, sore texting thumbs are the worst.) But according to doctors and physical therapists, the repetitive strain of taking selfies is wreaking havoc on our arms. There’s even a name for it: Selfie Elbow.

It’s actually a lot like “tennis elbow” or “golfer’s elbow.” The inflammation is caused by frequently extending the tendons in your arm to snap a pic, but at the same time, working hard to keep a tight grip on your phone so you don’t drop it. (God forbid.) The unnatural position of trying to capture yourself at the beach/pool/food festival can cause twinges and tightness in your arm and neck.

But good news, there’s a fix: Extend your arm, make a loose fist and gently bend your wrist up and down to stretch the tendons in your arm and release tension, Dr. Mary Ann Wilmarth recommends in The Washington Post

Or you could invest in one of those awkward-looking selfie sticks. Your call.

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