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No matter how productive we are, slumps happen to the best of us. And that’s OK. As Aaliyah so boldly stated, “If at first you don't succeed, then dust yourself off and try again.” Here, six ways to climb out of a rut and get motivated.

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Set intentions
The word “intentions” sounds kind of new age-y, but it’s really just a fancy way of saying “goals.” When you’re looking to get out of a slump, set goals, whether short term or long term. By defining what you want to accomplish, you’re much less likely to flounder and much more likely to stay on track and actually achieve something.

Create a support system
Once you’ve set your intentions, tell a few friends what they are. You’re way less likely to quit if other people know what you’re trying to accomplish. Think of this as a good kind of peer pressure, adding another layer of accountability.

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Start with baby steps
Rome wasn’t built in a day, so don’t expect to go from zero to 100 immediately. Instead, set smaller, attainable benchmarks. Then, once you get into more of a groove, move the benchmarks further apart, until you’re totally in the swing of things.

Stop making comparisons
Your experience isn’t identical to anyone else’s, so there’s no reason to hold yourself to the same standards. Measuring your successes against someone else’s will only stress you out more and lead to decreased productivity. So forget about other peoples’ goals and just think about your own--yep, we’re giving you permission to be selfish.

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Fake it 'til you make it
We’re not going to sugarcoat it: Getting back to business after a slump isn’t fun. But being miserable and complaining about it will only make it worse. Try to grin and bear it, and before long you’ll find that you aren’t faking it anymore.

Focus on the positives
Real talk: The last thing you need right now is to throw a pity party. Negative self-talk only feeds a slump, so try your absolute hardest to focus on the positives--whether current or future. Instead of fixating on how hard it’s going to be to get to your end result, think about how great it will be once you get there. Glass half full, folks.

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