11 Easy Ways to Feel More Put Together This Spring

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As the spring cleaning fever hits its peak, you might have the itch to overhaul your kitchen cabinets or your T-shirt drawer, but honestly, who has the time? So, if you’re anything like me, and you find yourself feeling a tad (read: extremely) frazzled by the rush to deep clean your fridge, update your wardrobe and generally become the absolute best version of yourself, here’s a hot tip: You can feel like you’ve had a 360-degree refresh without all that effort. Call me lazy or call me a genius, but I’ve learned more than a few tricks over the years to feel more put together with minimal effort. Here are 11 lifehacks that are sure to have you feeling (and looking) cool, calm and collected in no time.

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how to feel more put together this spring wear wide leg trousers instead of jeans
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1. swap Your Jeans For Easy Trousers

While there are certainly ways to dress up your denim to feel more polished, a cute pair of wide-leg trousers can be dressier without sacrificing comfort. And if you pair them with an easy tee and colorful sneakers, even a true workwear pant will work for weekend brunch or running errands without looking out of place.

how to feel more put together this spring set up your coffee make ahead of time
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2. set Your Coffee Maker Up The Night Before

Make mornings run a little smoother by prepping your coffee maker the night before and setting the automatic timer so it will go off right as you’re waking up to start your day. Even if your machine doesn’t have an automatic option all you’ll have to do is press start, which is much less effort than starting from the top. (That said, if you want to upgrade, this Mr. Coffee machine costs just $40 and has a timer to brew up to 12 cups for whatever time you set.)

how to feel more put together this spring link your fsa account to amazon
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3. connect Your Fsa Account To Your Amazon Account

You already know (or will shortly) that your FSA (aka, flexible spending account) can be used to cover the costs of medical necessities like tampons, Band-Aids or even sunscreen with pre-tax dollars. But did you know you can connect that money directly to your Amazon account for even easier shopping? You don’t even need to be an Amazon Prime member (although that two-day shipping might come in handy), and Amazon already has an FSA-approved shopping page so you know exactly what will be covered before you go to checkout.

how to feel more put together this spring make ahead breakfast fritatta
Photo: Liz Andrew/Styling Erin McDowell

4. make All Your Breakfasts For The Week On Sunday

If you’re not already into meal prepping, it can feel super intimidating to suddenly have to think up a shopping list for 21 different meals and set aside time to actually prep them. Breakfast is both the most important meal of the day and the one most likely to be skipped if you're in a rush, so start easing your way into the habit by prepping just your breakfasts ahead of time. There are a ton of recipes that are super easy to follow and that won’t take up your entire Sunday to make, so future you can get a delicious, nutritious start to her day with minimal effort.

how to feel more put together this spring wear statement earrings
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5. sport A Pair Of Statement Earrings

Even if you can’t imagine taking off that super comfy sweatshirt (who could blame you?), a cute pair of earrings can make you feel so much more polished, especially over Zoom. You don’t need to pull out your boldest, largest pair either (though you absolutely can). A simple set of oversize hoops, gold chain links or crystal drops will definitely be enough to make you feel more put together than your usual pearl studs.

6. make Your Bed Every Morning…from Bed

Climbing into a neatly made bed at the end of the day is such a delight, but, of course, that means someone (i.e., you) needs to actually make the bed first. Don’t bother stressing over ensuring your sheets are tucked with hotel-quality corners—no one is going to judge you, we promise—and instead go for the easiest possible method by making your bed before you even get up.

how to feel more put together this spring kinflyte posture correcting bra

7. Invest In A Posture-enhancing Bra

If you’re willing to spend a little cash ($119 to be exact), this wireless Kinflyte bra helps correct your posture by supporting your bust, shoulders and back while you type away at your computer. PureWow’s director of special projects Rachel Bowie raved about how the bra made her feel after just one day’s use—a day that included a high-energy tennis lesson.

how to feel more put together this spring kitchen pantry organization containers
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8. organize Your Pantry With Coordinating Containers

Take some time to go through your spices or baking goods to take stock of what you have. Then pick up a set of containers or rotating spice caddy to make your cabinets looks Monica Geller-level organized. Having a set of matching containers than can be stacked on top of one another means nothing will get accidentally buried in the back and you’ll actually be able to see what you have next time you go to try a new spring recipe.

how to feel more put together this spring pull your hair into a low bun
Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

9. pull Your Hair Back Into A Slick Bun

The best thing about this professional-looking hairstyle is that it looks great for every type of hair from straight to curly and even braided styles. It even works with dirty hair if you’re trying to stretch that blowout just one more day before you wash. And while you could certainly sport a high bun as well, lower styles tend to be more secure (they’re not fighting gravity like your gorgeous top knot), so you can knot your hair in place with your most favorite hair tie and not have to worry about it for the rest of the day.

how to feel more put together this spring do standing ab exercises while you brush your teeth
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10. work On Your Core Strength While Brushing Your Teeth

Maybe you were able to get a workout in today, maybe your schedule got the best of you. Either way, you can sneak in some core work with these 15 standing ab exercises while you brush your teeth, watch Netflix or stir a pot of pasta for dinner.

how to feel more put together this spring give yourself a manicure
Raimonda Kulikauskiene/Getty Images

11. paint Your Own Nails (or Have A Professional Do It)

A fresh manicure (or pedicure) has the power to make you feel like a whole new woman—or at the very least make you feel more put together for the rest of the week. Choose a spring-ready hue, like pastel lilac or bright sunny yellow, and give your nails a seasonal refresh that’s sure to make you smile every time you look down.



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