How to Organize Your Fridge Like Marie Kondo in Just 5 Quick Steps

Admit it: Your fridge could use a major overhaul. Break out the rubber gloves and listen to Marie Kondo and you’ll have glistening, appealing results in no time.

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1. Empty Your Entire Fridge

The first step toward purging? Getting a grasp on what you own. Marie Kondo thinks you should lug all of your clothes out of your closet in one big pile; likewise, you should spread everything (everything) in your fridge out on the counter. Even that tiny nubbin of ginger that’s improbably jammed in the crack between the top shelf and the refrigerator wall.

2. Deep Clean, Baby

Admit it: That box of baking soda isn’t quite enough to cover up the odors in your fridge (and we’re not talking about the bunch of scallions you bought yesterday). Break out the rubber gloves, the sponge and the antibacterial cleaning solution. You might want to turn on a podcast around now, because at this point, you’re committed.

3. Toss, Toss, Toss

Get rid of the expired stuff—and that bottle of specialty keto avocado ranch dressing that frankly doesn’t taste like anything and certainly doesn’t spark any joy.

4. Organize By Category

Sort your condiments, fruits, veggies, dairy and meat into different clusters on your counter.

5. Give Everything A Home

Assign each food category its own place in the fridge, so when you take something out you automatically know where to return it. Use the crisper drawers and baskets on the door for structural organization, and don’t be shy about bringing in a few extra transparent, compact boxes to corral away.

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