Later, Cold Toes: These 12 Foot Warmers Are a Cold Weather Dweller's Dream

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When your feet are cold, you're not feeling your best. Unfortunately, heat tends to escape from extremities first, making your tootsies one of the first places you’ll feel winter's cold sting. But thanks to a wide range of new technology, there are products—namely, the best foot warmers—that you can use to ease stiff, cold feet. We found the options that are most likely to warm your hooves in a flash, possess crucial safety features and fall within a reasonable budget, so you can finally enjoy your winter walks.

How to Use Foot Warmers

The question of how to use foot warmers largely depends on what kind they are. For boot and shoe inserts, you’ll want to tear off the packaging, shake them to activate their warming elements (usually composed of a combination of minerals, like iron and carbon) and insert them into your footwear against thick socks. For anything that requires electricity, you'll want to warm it up to your desired temperature and place your foot on or in the device. For microwaveable slippers, you’ll want to place them in the microwave for the recommended time.

Always, always look at the safety information before operating any foot-warming device, as certain types may require a buffer between the heat source and your skin so as not to burn you while others may not be suitable for direct contact with select flooring, like carpet. Others still are not intended for use when walking, so definitely double check before you take them on your next jaunt.

Where to Buy Foot Warmers

Big box stores that sell everything from home goods to personal care items typically have plenty of foot warmer inventory. They include (but are not limited to!) Amazon, Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Best Buy, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Macy’s and Verishop.

The Best Foot Warmers at a Glance

How to Warm Up Your Feet The Quick Tip to Try

foot warmers massager

1. Snailax 2-in-1 Foot Warmer

Best Overall Foot Warmer

  • Pros: Deep tissue kneading, adaptable to back and neck, heated massage
  • Con: Requires electrical outlet nearby

This neat little device gives you plenty of bang for your buck by offering a two-in-one spa-like solution. You can slip your feet into the foot warmer at the same time that you use the detachable insert as a heated pillow with rotating shiatsu silicone massage nodes for your back. While it turns off after 15 minutes of intense heat for safety measures, it's easy to restart by clicking the hand-held control panel. There's a washable plush polyester cover to keep it clean between uses, too.

foot warmers toe warerms

2. Tundras Toe Warmers

Most Budget-Friendly Foot Warmer

  • Pros: Heats quickly, up to six hours of warmth, portable
  • Cons: Might be too hot for some users, might be uncomfortable after long periods of standing

If you’ve got a long day on the slopes ahead of you, these portable foot warmers may be your best bet, with up to a reported six hours of operation. This set of 20 pairs feature activated charcoal that is, well, activated by air. Before enjoying, tear off the packaging, shake them and then wait 15 minutes for toasty toes. Be sure to use them with thick socks, so as not to inadvertently overheat or burn your skin.

foot warmers microwave booties

3. Physionatural Microwavable Booties

Best Microwavable Foot Warmer Booties

  • Pros: Relaxing lavender aroma, no electrical cord or batteries needed
  • Con: Warmth doesn't last as long as other options

These booties make for a great gift for anyone who desires quick relaxation after a long day on their feet. They're made with natural grains and clay beads, so you won't be releasing any toxins into your microwave as you heat them up, and they're infused with lavender for an extra-special touch. "When your feet are cold, your whole body is uncomfortable, but with these booties, in seconds your feet get warm and you feel comfortable right away," raved one happy user.

foot warmers heat massager

4. Cloud Massage Foot Warmer And Massager

Best Foot Warmer and Massager

  • Pros: Kneads feet, ankles and calves, three levels of intensity
  • Cons: Warm radiance instead of intense heat, no remote control

This heavy-duty massager gives you a 15-minute heat therapy session as the massager kneads into your feet, ankles and calves to improve blood flow, reduce inflammation and promote muscle recovery. You can also choose between three levels of intensity, slowly working your way up to the most intense, and four other modes of Shiatsu massage: rolling, compression therapy, a sway function and a quiet option.

foot warmers heated socks

Best Foot Warmer Socks

  • Pros: Heats instep and toes, six heat settings
  • Cons: Higher heat settings may last only two hours

These sturdy polyester-elastane socks are going to be a game-changer for your outdoor activities. Powered by a rechargeable lithium battery pack, they can be customized to your ideal temperature courtesy of their six heat settings. Better yet, the company claims they can maintain that heat for up to six-and-a-half hours. "I have bad circulation and my feet get so cold and hurt," wrote one reviewer. "The warm setting is very toasty, the medium setting very nice and the low setting is perfect for me [when I'm] in the house."

foot warmers quinear

6. Quinear Leg Massager

Best Foot Warmer for Muscle Recovery

  • Pros: Airbags compress muscles effectively, three massage modes and three intensities. Also heats and massages calves.
  • Con: Velcro closure can be difficult to unfasten

You don’t have to be a dancer or an athlete to benefit from the restorative properties of this heated foot and leg massager. It features two heating levels, three massage modes, three massage intensities and a variety of massage techniques to cater to your unique needs. It uses air compression to massage your calves, while its wraparound Velcro construction keeps it snug around them. Contributing to the safety of the device is the fact that it only operates when both hoses are effectively connected to the controller, and it’ll turn off automatically after 20 minutes.

foot warmers electric foot cover

7. Gintao Foot Warmer Pad

Best Foot Warmer Pad

  • Pros: 6-foot-long cord, three heat settings
  • Con: Inconvenient control placement

Imagine a heating pad crossed with an electric blanket just for your feet. Now imagine having it on standby at home and finally freeing yourself from the shackles of poor circulation and chilly floors. This flannel, machine-washable pouch offers up to two hours of warmth (choose from three heat settings) with added overheating protection. At just over 20 inches by 20 inches, it’s large enough to tuck your feet into, with room to give your ankles and calves some love, too. And hey, there’s no law saying you can’t use it for your hands or back for some full-body warmth, either!

foot warmers carex

8. Carex Bed Buddy Booties

Best Foot Warmer Slippers

  • Pros: Relaxing aroma, no electrical cord or batteries needed
  • Con: Warmth doesn't last for hours like other foot warmers

These slippers make for a stellar gift for a loved one (or for yourself!) as they reportedly offer warmth and relaxation for up to an hour. They boast soothing scents of cinnamon, clove and eucalyptus, too, allowing you to unwind from every sensory level. Simply pop the inserts into the microwave for the recommended time to warm them up to your liking, but be sure to perform a quick touch test before slipping your feet into them. Best of all, you can also place the inserts into the freezer to use them as a cold compress.

foot warmers indus tool

9. Indus Tool Foot Warmer Mat

Best Foot Warmer Mat

  • Pros: Space-saving and warms feet or shoes
  • Cons: Doesn’t heat the top of the foot and not safe for use directly on carpets

You’ll love having this electric foot warming mat in your home. It operates like a heavy-duty winter mat by collecting dirt and debris through its ridges, yet offers the benefit of 90 watts of heat. Use it to warm just your boots before sliding into them, or place the mat under your feet while you work or watch TV. It’s designed with overheating technology for safe use, and can be vacuumed to keep it looking and feeling brand new.

foot warmers healthy

10. Healthyline Gemstone Pad

Best USB Foot Warmer

  • Pros: Portable and lightweight, mimics the effects of acupressure
  • Cons: Can be tricky to fasten, takes 25 minutes to reach maximum temperature

Your feet shouldn’t have to suffer on your next trip, whether you’re camping in the wilderness or prefer not to be tied down by cords. Designed to be taken anywhere and everywhere, these portable foot warmers are said to offer four hours of cordless heat at three intensities on a full charge. They use tourmaline and amethyst-infused foot pads to release far infrared rays and negative ions that the company claims will evenly distribute heat around the foot. On top of that, they feature built-in overheating technology for added peace of mind.

foot warmers hothands

11. Hothands Foot Warmer Insoles

Best Foot Warmer Insoles

  • Pros: Good for the environment, odorless
  • Con: Not reusable

If frostbite isn’t exactly your thing, these disposable, long-lasting insole warmers will be perfect, since you can use them on-the-go to keep your feet toasty during any outdoor event you can think of. They reportedly heat up as quickly as 15 minutes after being activated and can be reheated by exposing them to warmer air. With their adhesive backing, they also stay in place, so you won’t have to worry about them slipping and sliding during your next outdoor adventure.

foot warmers doneco

12. Doneco Foot Warmer

Best Electric Foot Warmer

  • Pros: Machine-wash safe, four temperature settings, remote-operated
  • Cons: Takes up a lot of space, not portable

This luxurious plush heating pad is spacious enough for you and a loved one to warm up your little piggies together for some serious bonding time. Its thick material traps heat while its soft fabric cushions your feet. Conveniently controlled by a remote, it also comes with four adjustable temperature settings, so you can find what’s most comfortable for you. It also automatically shuts off after two hours for optimal safety.

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