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A Nifty Trick for Instantly Warming Up Your Feet

Baby, it’s theoretically cold outside. (When will it ever get below 60 degrees?!) But for those impending snow days when you’ve been schlepping all over town and can’t wait to bury under a mountain of Snuggies, we have a helpful (and totally therapeutic) home remedy for warming up your feet. And trust--it works.

What you need: A bottle of sesame oil and an old pair of wool socks. (Avoid using the toasted sesame oil varieties, lest you want to smell like General Tso’s takeout.)

What you do: Carefully pour a quarter-sized amount of oil into your palm and massage it into the soles, heels and balls of your feet. Be sure to work the oil in between your toes and into your arches, too, using longer strokes. Do this for at least five minutes per foot (or better yet, recruit your beloved) and then slip into your socks. Netflix and chill, anyone?

Why it works: According to Ayurveda (and your massage therapist), sesame oil is one of the most nutrient-rich and easily absorbed oils out there. It’s well known to be instantly warming, as well as helpful in reducing anxiety and promoting restful sleep. Not to mention: You’ll have the softest tootsies around, guaranteed.

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