The 12 Best Electric Blankets for Hibernation Season, According to Enthusiastic Reviewers

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With fall in full swing, we're not only thinking about stuffing our wardrobes with cozy items, but updating our home décor with a few hygge additions before the colder weather fully sets in, too. The first thing we’re going to invest in? An electric blanket. Because although our throw blanket from last year keeps us pretty warm, there’s nothing like a heated version on those truly sub-zero nights.

Are electric blankets safe?

Simply put: Follow the use instructions in the blanket’s manual and you shouldn’t have any issues. And before you ask, most electric blankets have an auto-shut off feature, so you don’t have to worry about them overheating. It should be noted, however, that the World Health Organization recommends that women discontinue the use of electric blankets while pregnant to avoid any possible complications. Additionally, the Mayo Clinic recommends that those with diabetes first consult with their doctor before getting an electric blanket. This is due to the possibility of experiencing neuropathy, which damages the nerves and can affect one's ability to feel heat appropriately.

Do electric blankets use a lot of electricity?

Nope! Electric blankets don’t require a ton of power, even if you keep them on for hours. In fact, using one regularly could help you lower your utility costs, since you won’t have to keep the overall house temperature as high.

How do you wash an electric blanket?

Follow these steps:

  1. Check the blanket’s instruction manual for details on how to wash your particular model. It will likely tell you to disconnect the blanket from its power source and remove the power cord from the blanket.

  2. Stick it in the washing machine. Most electric blankets should be washed in cool to warm water on the gentle cycle. Your blanket’s manual should include specific instructions on how to dry it, too.

Now that we’ve got those questions cleared up, let’s dive into the best heated blankets for hibernation season, according to enthusiastic reviewers. Here, the 12 best electric blankets to shop this year.

The best electric blankets at a glance

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best electric blankets serta1

1. Serta Reversible Electric Throw Blanket

Best Overall Electric Blanket


  • Five different power and heat settings
  • Auto-shut off after four hours
  • Machine washable


  • Some reviewers say the blanket takes a while to heat up

Coming in 13 different colors, this Serta heated blanket both looks and feels good. The blanket is super soft, thanks to one side of brushed microplush that can be flipped to reveal plush sherpa lining on the other. Combine that with its easy-to-use controller that allows you to set both its heat and power levels for the perf combo to send you off to dreamland in total comfort. It also features an auto-shut off function that turns the blankie's heat off after four hours, allowing you to rest easy without fear of overheating. And, to make things even better, this baby is machine washable for an easy clean up. No wonder over 10,000 people have given it a 5-star rating on Amazon.

best electric blankets sunbeam fleece

2. sunbeam Electric Throw

Best Value Electric Blanket


  • Three heat settings
  • Auto-shut off after three hours


  • The fleece material isn’t the softest

When we saw this low price tag, we assumed these reviews were too good to be true. But according to buyers, this heated fleece throw—which comes in three color options—actually works pretty well. “This is my fourth heated throw that I’ve purchased through the years [and it’s] by far the warmest,” one shopper explains.

best heated blankets 3
L.L. Bean

3. l.l. Bean Wicked Cozy Electric Blanket

Most Splurge-Worthy Electric Blanket


  • Special technology to ensure an even temperature throughout
  • Thin, flexible wires for a bulk-free feel
  • Auto-shut off


  • So slick that sometimes it slips off the bed

“Really soft blanket! It toasts up quickly and is attractive enough to be the top cover on our bed,” one reviewer writes. This luxe heated throw from L.L. Bean comes in twin, full/queen and king sizes to fit your bed—rather than just being a standard throw. It also boasts five heat settings, a pre-heat function and soft-to-the-touch material.

best heated blankets 4

4. pure Enrichment Purerelief Electric Throw Blanket

Best Sherpa Electric Blanket


  • Reversible micro mink and sherpa sides
  • Machine washable


  • No auto-shut off feature

One customer says this electric blanket’s sherpa material is so soft, she never wants to sleep without it. Its 60-inch by 50-inch size is perfect for naps on the couch or cuddling up with in a reading chair. Oh, and you can choose between four different warmth settings for customized comfort.

best electric blankets degrees of comfort

5. degrees Of Comfort Dual Control Electric Blanket

Best Electric Blanket for Couples


  • Two heat zones with separate controls
  • Adjustable auto shut-off after one to 10 hours
  • 20 different heat settings


  • Smaller sizes do not include a dual controller

If you and your partner are in a constant battle over the thermostat, this electric blanket from Degrees of Comfort is for you. The queen and king sizes come with two separate heat zones that are each managed by their own controller. Each zone has 20 different heat settings, so you can keep your side of the bed at just the temp you like it without bickering over the heat with your S.O. "We use this blanket every night, turning it on before hopping into bed, and we feel warm right away," one reviewer writes. "When we turn it off, the blanket still keeps warm for hours and it's now something we can't live without during winter time."

best electric blankets true north

6. true North By Sleep Philosophy Electric Queen Blanket

Best Automatic Electric Blanket


  • 20 different heat settings
  • Ultra-soft, reversible sides
  • Comes with an automatic timer


  • Expensive

This weighted blanket from True North by Sleep Philosophy takes the pre-heat feature to a whole new level. Rather than having to turn your blanket on 15 to 20 minutes before you want to get in bed, all you have to do is connect this one to the included automatic timer. Then, it’ll start warming up for you every day at the time you choose. Just a heads up: Buyers say that once you’ve snuggled up underneath this plush design, you’ll never want to get out of bed.

best electric blankets sunbeam

7. sunbeam Electric Blanket

Best Fleece Electric Blanket


  • Pre-heat setting and auto shut-off
  • Soft material
  • 10 different heat settings


  • Some reviewers say you can feel the wires through the fabric

One shopper loved Sunbeam’s electric blankets so much, she bought one for every bedroom in her house. “They heat up great and look nice too,” she explains. Others add that the fleece material is lightweight, but warm, and oh so soft you'll never want to leave your bed again.

best electric blankets micro flannel
Bed Bath & Beyond

8. micro Flannel Electric Heated Queen Comforter

Best Electric Comforter


  • Soft down alternative fill
  • Reaches maximum temperature within 30 minutes
  • Separate heat settings for each side


  • Some reviewers say it’s too heavy

Want an electric blanket that you can leave on your bed all winter long? Opt for this comforter and you won’t have to worry about layering a less-than-stylish heated throw on top. It looks just like a typical comforter but has eight heat settings and separate heat zones for each side of the bed. Plus, you can program it to automatically turn on at a certain setting every night. As if we weren’t already totally sold, one person went so far as to call it the best purchase they’ve ever made.

best heated blankets 9

9. beautyrest Electric Blanket Poncho

Best Wearable Electric Blanket


  • Poncho shape that’s designed to be draped over you
  • Pre-heat feature


  • Some customers say it doesn’t get warm enough

If your main goal this winter is to find a heated blanket you can actually wrap yourself in while you work from home, look no further. This unique shawl design from Beautyrest is made to drape over your shoulders for easy bundling. “[It’s] super soft, extremely warm even on the medium setting and allows me to stay cozy at the computer while I work for hours at a time,” one reviewer attests.

best electric blankets cozee

10. Cozee Electric Blanket

Best Battery-Operated Electric Blanket


  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Weather resistant
  • Ideal for outdoor activities and camping trips


  • Expensive
  • Only comes in navy

We know that this baby isn't the most budget-friendly option on the list, but if you're looking to invest in an electric blanket that'll last you years, this is it. Without a cord it's super easy to transport (thank you batteries!) and it's weather proof. So whether you have to brave winter's chill to watch your kiddo from the sidelines or are retreating to the mountains for weekend of camping, it'll keep you warm and dry regardless of what and where your plans are. And if that isn't enough to convince you that splurging on this puppy is worth it, it's also equipped with pockets, has two USB charging ports in the remote and quickly recharges before you're able to say "I'm cold."

best electric blankets foot pocket

11. Beautyrest Foot Pocket Electric Blanket

Best Electric Blanket with a Foot Pocket


  • Has little to no electromagnetic field radiation
  • Auto-shut off after two hours
  • Pocket to keep feet warm


  • Not designed to be used while you sleep

Maybe you're a cold sleeper, maybe your partner is a cover hog or maybe, no matter thick your socks are, your feet are always cold at night. Whatever the case may be, nothing is more frustrating than being unable to comfortably sleep because you're worried about your toes getting frostbite—but never fear. This electric blanket from Beautyrest is ideal for those of us that wake up in the middle of the night shivering thanks to the snuggly foot pocket at the bottom of the blanket. Just climb into bed, get all nice and snuggled up and wave goodbye to the Jack Frost chill preventing you from catching zzz's ever again.

best electric blankets treksafe

12. treksafe Electric Travel Blanket

Best Electric Blanket for Travel


  • Plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter
  • 58-inch cable can stretch to anywhere in the car


  • Some buyers say it takes a while to warm up

According to customers, this compact blanket from TrekSafe is a game-changer for cold morning commutes and winter road trips. You can drape it over your lap while you drive or keep it in the back for passengers to use. Once you plug it into the cigarette lighter, you’ll feel it warm up in no time.