The 12 Best Towel Warmers for Warming Your Tush (Because They're the Real Secret to Creating a Spa-Like Bathroom)

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Ask almost any woman and she’ll tell you: The best part about getting a manicure, facial or massage is when they break out the warm, steamy towel. Not only does it rejuvenate our skin, it’s the thing we equate most closely with a luxurious spa. That said, it makes sense why towel warmers are trending: Creating a tranquil, at-home spa is the bathroom design trend of 2022. But, there are a few things to consider before you break out the aromatherapy candles. Here’s a rundown of what to look for, plus 12 of the best towel warmers to shop now.

How to Choose the Best Towel Warmer

1. Choose Your Heating Method

Electric vs. Hydronic

The main difference between the two is that electric towel warmers use—you guessed it—electricity, while hydronic towel warmers use hot water from your plumbing system to heat the exterior bars. Basically, you can assume that anything with a removable plug is electric, because hydronic warmers will be connected to your home’s water supply. And yes, as you can imagine, hydronic warmers tend to be the more luxurious (and expensive) choice. Still, there are several electric warmers that can be hardwired into your electrical system for a similar, unsightly cord-free effect. Plus, you can always use a freestanding electric warmer to create a spa-like experience—at half the price.

2. Select a Style

  • Buckets: If your towel heater resembles a large, electric hamper with a lid, it’s electric. Essentially, if you’re trying to heat as many linens as possible (in the least amount of time) an oversized, freestanding bucket is the best option. However, these guys can take up *a lot* of floor space. So if you live in a tiny apartment, you’ll probably need something more compact and cabinet-friendly (see below).
  • Wall-Mounted Rack: Since hydronic heaters use water from your home’s plumbing, they need to be mounted to the wall—and in most cases, professionally installed. (These racks tend to be the best at evenly heating hanging towels, linens and clothing.) Yet, while all hydronic warmers are wall-mounted, there are a number of electric warmers that utilize wall-mounted, hardwired racks. They’re usually easier to install and you won’t need to hire a handyman if it suddenly stops working (although you might need some replacement wires).

3. Consider the Size and Heating Time

If you’re strapped for space, we’d recommend going with a heated, wall-mounted rack. Not only does this free up floor and counter space, but the rack’s open design allows for ample airflow (aka, less wrinkles). However, racks only allow you to hang a few items at a time, and they can take longer to heat everything up—especially if they're electric. So if you’re looking for something that can warm linens quickly, an enclosed heater may be the more practical option. While bucket warmers tend to be the best freestanding choice, there are also cabinet warmers that can fit seamlessly into your bathroom's built-ins (just be sure to measure everything beforehand).

The Best Towel Warmers at a Glance

Best Overall

1. Amba Electric Towel Warmer


First up on our list, a hardwired, electric towel warmer that’s just as chic as it is effective. This one features ten sleek, stainless-steel bars that can hold two towels at a time. Plus, each bar is scratch-, rust- and chip-resistant and it can reportedly reach up to 149 degrees in less than 15 minutes. One reviewer raves: “I don't know how we lived without a towel warmer before! It is so wonderful to have a warm towel waiting when you get out of the shower. And a major bonus is that your towels actually dry, so you don't get that funky towel smell.” It also comes in five trendy finishes—matte black (our fave), brushed nickel, polished steel, satin brass and polished gold—to complement your bathroom’s existing hardware.

Best Electric Towel Warmer

2. Odass Towel Warmer


Not sure if you should do hardwired or a plug-in? Now you don’t have to choose. This ten-bar warmer comes with a 5.5-foot cord that you can plug directly into the wall, and, it allows for hard-wired installation (directions included). Aside from its versatile installation, we love the three finish options (brushed nickel, chrome and carbon steel) and includes a built-in timer that allows you to warm your wrap for two or four-hours. “The on/off switch and timer work great, [and] it doesn't take up much room on the wall...I turn it on about five [to] ten min before a shower, and when I'm done the towel is nice and warm,” writes one shopper.

Best Hydronic Towel Warmer

3. ICO Hydronic Towel Warmer


Looking for something really warm? This hydronic heater connects to your home’s hot water supply to circulate ample heat in the unit (and throughout your entire bathroom—a major plus during the winter months). The unit ​​includes 16 bars and has a 31-inch height that can heat everything from towels to bed sheets—all at the same time. You’ll have to buy some installation and valve hardware separately, but it does come with a lifetime warranty.

Most Luxurious

4. Cinier Towel Warmer With Radiator


Here, the crème de la crème of towel warmers. Crafted by Cinier with stunning olycal (that's a type of limestone that’s crushed at the initial stage of production, and then restructured with an exclusive patented process that allows heat to be emitted with unique efficiency), it comes in both hydronic and electric options. More impressively, it can achieve maximum heat in less than ten minutes. And, during the colder months, the electric version comes with a smart hot air blower that can heat an entire bathroom in record time. However, as if its innovative technology isn't enough to sell you on it, it has a minimalist dornbracht hook design that’s basically a work of art, and it comes in tons of finish options to match any interior style. If you can afford it, we guarantee that this guy will give your bathroom the *ultimate* spa-like feel.

Best on a Budget

5. Pursonic TW300 Electric Towel Warmer


And now, for the other side of the spectrum. If you need something versatile, affordable and compact, this is your guy. It features six chrome-plated bars that can reportedly reach 122 degrees within 30 minutes, and its lightweight design makes it a great fit for small spaces. However, the real draw is its versatility. Not only does this unit come with freestanding and wall-mounted options, but it also includes a choice between hardwired and plug-in installation. “It’s lightweight and slim and doesn't take up a lot of space,” writes one happy buyer.

Best Bucket Towel Warmer

6. Keenray Bucket Towel Warmer


Not interested in the wall-mounted look? We feel you. People are absolutely *obsessed* with this bucket warmer, which is designed to reach its highest temperature (122 degrees) in less than six minutes. Perhaps this is because in addition to a large, 5-gallon capacity, this one features an auto-shutoff technology and a sleek minimalist design.

Best Cabinet Towel Warmer

7. Sharper Image Electric Towel Warmer

Sharper Image

If you’re someone who cringes at the sight of cluttered countertops, we recommend you give this cabinet warmer a try. It features a compact, 14-inch by 14.25-inch size that can accommodate most under-the-sink cabinets, and it can still hold two standard towels. Not to mention that it’s super lightweight and can reach its maximum temperature in 20 minutes. “I can truly say that for the money, I am amazed," wrote one Walmart buyer. "This unit is SO lightweight—I could definitely see traveling with it very easily. It's also big enough to hold my two large bath towels or one large towel and my pajamas, but it stores easily out of the way in my bathroom.

Adds another: “The cord is long enough to move it around wherever I want it in my bathroom.”

Largest Capacity

8. Comfier Bucket Towel Warmer


Need something extra large that can warm multiple towels, blankets or bedding at the same time? This bucket warmer has an oversized 5-gallon capacity that can do just that. Plus, there's a one-touch control that heats up in under ten minutes for up to 60 minutes of heating time. “We love this product,” writes one reviewer. “We use it to warm our towels about 15 minutes before we get in the shower [and] we find that it holds three towels. The bottom one doesn’t seem to heat up as fast, so we put one in the bottom that we aren’t going to use, and just pull on from the top.”

Most Compact

9. Mibihibi Towel Steamer and Warmer


Small-apartment dwellers, this one goes out to you. This mini-towel heater is just right for warming (and steaming!) your face towels. And, while it might not be able to hold your bath towels, it can accommodate up to 15 standard hand towels. “I loved that it was easy to assemble, lightweight and that it [warmed the towels in under ten minutes],” writes one reviewer. “It can fit about ten [to] 12 small washcloths in it. I suggest buying tongs to pick up the towels out of the machine, because they are VERY hot.”

Best Design

10. Vintage Style Towel Warmer

Pottery Barn

All right design lovers, we know you’ve been waiting for this one. This luxury towel warmer from Pottery Barn is the perfect accent for your Newstalgia-inspired bathroom. Its retro, European-inspired design looks like a vintage staple, while its 110-volt electric technology brings the innovation you crave in the bathroom. Plus, it comes in three au courant finish options (chrome, polished nickel and brushed nickel) that will be sure to complement your chic, Parisian-inspired hardware.

Best Features

11. Zadro Bucket Towel Warmer


If you need something that can get here ASAP, you already know what we’re going to say: Prime it. Luckily, this bucket warmer is hardly a settle-for-something-less situation. It includes all kinds of bells and whistles; most notably, a large, 5-gallon capacity and an aromatherapy feature that includes lavender essential oil to help you de-stress. It also has four timer settings for ultra-customizable comfort. “It holds two bath size towels easily and has [four different] time settings. I place my towel in right before I go in the shower, and place it on 15 minutes and my towel is perfect! Nice and warm,” one reviewer writes. “My kids come in and use too...they love it!”

If you’re someone who has become obsessed with sanitizing, you need this towel warmer. Not only is it designed with a UVC light sanitizer that works as a disinfectant, but it features two towel rods, two hooks and a built-in timer. Did we mention it's also Alexa-, Google- and Siri-compatible? The 50-degree temperature might be cooler than other options on this list, but it features hot air-drying technology to give towels a burst of warmth when you need it. “I bought this [towel warmer] because of the UV Light sterilizer function, but fell in love with all the other features,” writes one reviewer. “[My] bathroom doesn't have an exhaust fan, so towels tend to not dry completely. I just tell Alexa to turn on the towel warmer and it dries and sanitizes my towel, and shuts off when it is done!”

7 Ways to Turn Your Bathroom Into an At-Home Spa

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