13 of the Best Folding Exercise Bikes for Feeling the Burn (and Seeing the Results)

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It’s official: After two-plus years of at-home workouts, we’ve thrown in the exercise towel on ever feeling obligated to hit the gym. These days, we rely on the dependability and convenience of workout apps, YouTube and home equipment—starting with folding exercise bikes, which offer a a highly efficient and minimally disruptive home workout.

What’s So Great About a Folding Exercise Bike, Anyway?

The thing that makes a folding exercise bike so great is that it's not only portable, but can also give you an awesome all-body fitness workout. And while we enjoy a good portable treadmill, folding exercise bikes are a solid bullseye in the home fitness category. That’s because online spin classes are plentiful and give you great cardio, are easier on the joints than other workouts, and provide incredible muscle toning for your legs, butt, core and, if you add in a set of hand weights, your upper body. Best of all, the whole shebang folds down easily for storage under a bed or couch or even inside a closet. (Because, let’s face it, no matter how much anyone enjoys working out, they don’t want their bike to be taking up precious floor space as a sculptural room accent.)

What Should I Consider in a Folding Exercise Bike?

For starters, you’ll want to find out just how small the bike folds up, since the standard 16-inch clearance under your bed might not be high enough for the model you have picked out. Additionally, the weight of the unit will come into play, particularly when you’re considering ease of set up and storage.

You’ll also want to check the maximum allowed weight of riders. Consider getting a bike that has a set of wheels on the legs to help move it across your home to a window for your preferred spin setting.

Finally, you’ll need to look for extras that might make your ride more enjoyable or efficient: a heart rate monitor, an iPad holder and a water bottle holder all come to mind.

We’ve rated the best folding exercise bikes for small spaces, based on the range of rider sizes, lightness of frame and more.

The Best Folding Exercise Bikes at a Glance

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exercise folding bike all around

Best Overall Folding Exercise Bike

Offering eight levels of resistance and weighing only 39 pounds, this Exerpeutic model hits the sweet spot between utility and convenience. The frame fits riders ranging from 5 foot 3 inches to 6 foot 1 inches and has a generously sized seat to make longer rides comfy despite its compact folded 22-inch by 20-inch footprint. According to customers, the magnetic tension system is quieter than a flywheel, so you can easily spin away in the corner while other household members do their thing undisturbed. Handlebar pulse monitors give you real-time feedback, and you can even add the included MyCloudFitness cadence sensor for Bluetooth RPM tracking. And did we mention how easy it is to fold up? “After the workout, I simply pulled the pin, raised the seat-side of the back upwards, slid the pin into the last hole and the bike was ready to roll away or just get out of the way,” one reviewer wrote. “In conclusion, I am thrilled at my decision to NOT spend over $1,000 to buy the … [Peloton.]”

exercise folding bike easiest folding1

Easiest Folding Exercise Bike to Set Up

With one pin to slide in place, this white enamel folding bike has a lock on ease of use. It’s super simple to set up—just slide one pin into place and it’s solid. Initial setup isn’t complicated, but if you’d rather not read instructions, this bike, like many models on Amazon, offers expert set-up for an additional $89. The 39.5-pound chassis accommodates riders up to 250 pounds, but folds neatly into a 14-inch space. The seat also adjusts for from 28- to 33-inch inseams, so a range of heights will fit on its petite frame. We like that the pedals have safety straps that let riders feel more secure during in uphill slogs, when they’ll be frequently rising out of the saddle.

folding exercise bike best dual

Best Dual Folding Exercise Bike

While the muscular activity involved in both upright cycling and recumbent cycling, which places riders in a laid-back reclining position, is comparable, some reviews—particularly from those a certain age—report that the reclining position and wider seat of a recumbent bike is less stressful on the joints. This 27.5-pound dual-position bike ingeniously acts as both, and folds to a neat 13.6 inches. It’s easy to move, thanks to front wheels, and comfy to sit on. A central LCD monitor shows you your heart rate (there are sensors on the handlebars), time logged, distance and speed—all as you work your way up and down its eight resistance settings.

folding exercise bike quietest

Quietest Exercise Bike

The Leikefitness bike is instantly eye-catching thanks to its cloud-and-lemon colorway and rounded aluminum styling. But the real draw here is its reportedly near-silent operation, which comes courtesy of a magnetic resistance system that gives riders 10 levels to work through. There are straps to make sure your feet stay flush against the pedals, too, so that you’re not stomping down on them during the uphill ride portion of your journey. (Your downstairs neighbors will thank you.) Handlebar heart rate sensors help you monitor your workout efficiency, and there’s an iPad holder you can use to follow along with your favorite instructors online. Additionally, we appreciate that the seat has seven sturdy height settings and a cushioned back rest for a comfy, secure setup in any position.

folding exercise bike heavy duty

Best Heavy-Duty Folding Exercise Bike

The heavy-duty steel frame construction of this solidly-built machine guarantees up to 400 pounds maximum weight on this model, which has 20 percent more steel than the brand’s standard model above. You’ll still get eight levels of resistance, strapped foot pedals and a frame that handles a 5-foot-1-inch person just as well as a 6-foot-5-inch rider. And yet at 51.5 pounds, it’s still easy to fold up. Though there are no wheels to maneuver this into a closet, perhaps this is a trade-off for this bike’s laudable stability. “It was rock-solid, I did not wobble at all,” reported one 6-foot-5-inch 390-pound reviewer. “I could even sit up and rock arms, like I was walking, while I cycled with no rocking of the bike.”

folding exercise bike lightest
Dick's Sporting Goods

6. Sunny Health & Fitness Foldable Exercise Bike

Lightest Folding Exercise Bike

Simple and lightweight, this 220-pound capacity bike has all the standard extras—a device holder, handlebar pulse sensors and a small LED performance monitor, all in a 30.9-pound chassis. The seat is wide and well-cushioned, and the resistance knob allows you to toggle between 16 separate settings, which you’ll appreciate when you want to follow the instructor’s orders to level up (within reason). And it folds up to fit in a 16.5-inch footprint, so fits easily in a closet. One caveat: This smaller bike only accommodates inseams from 29 to 35.5 inches, so if you’re outside those parameters, this guy might not be the ideal fit for you.

folding exercise bike desk
Lucky Vitamin

7. Stamina Products Wirk Ride Workstation

Best Hybrid Folding Exercise Bike

Perhaps you’re ready to get fit while also indulging your workaholism? Then an exercise bike with an attached desk is just for you. (Kidding. Sort of.) In all seriousness, the ingenious design of this folding frame bike lets it function as not only a workstation (there’s a flat area for papers and/or a laptop on the handlebars) but also as a standing desk, when you dismount from the seat. It’s got a cupholder and wheels to help you put away this 45.25-pound machine after you’re done with it. A monitor gives you a readout of time, speed, distance, calories, total distance, and the desk top adjusts from 40 inches to 44.5 inches high. Your purchase also gives you access to Muuv audio coaching, so that you can actually be listening to a workout coach when you’re putting in office face time.

folding exercise bike frame

Best Folding Exercise Bike Frame

Nearly 6,000 5-star reviews praise this well-designed folding bike that folds into an X-shape. That’s because unlike a traditional bicycle, where the gears sit in the middle of the frame, here, the gear box is nestled under the front support. While this does not have an iPad rest, there’s a central handlebar monitor that riders can lean an iPad against (or even add their own iPad ledge). Riders also appreciate the padded back rest: “I specifically choose this bike because I have lower back issues,” says one reviewer. “It's a great entry exercise bike for a great price.”

folding exercise bike compact

9. Think 30 3-in-1 Folding Exercise

Most Compact Folding Exercise Bike

This convertible bike switches from a folded machine upright to an upright or a recumbent design and has little extras (a higher-than-average 10-position resistance knob, a phone holder and a digital readout) that make it a solid exercise option. Where the “wow” factor really comes in, however, is with regard to its storage size. Essentially, the bike squashes down to a 9-inch height, which means you’ve found the equipment that’s going to fit nicest under the couch. Even unfolded, at its widest setting (the recumbent positioning), it’s still going to take up only 30.7 inches in your living room.

folding exercise bike short riders

Best Folding Exercise Bike for Short Riders

“Short-girl approved” wrote one reviewer, who at 5 foot 2 inches uses the third from the shortest option of seat heights. Ease of assembly, a media holder and 16 separate resistance levels are all selling points for this pink-accented bike. A smooth, quiet cranking system and a large, padded seat also add to its well-priced appeal.

folding exercise bike tall

11. Balancefrom X1 Folding Exercise Bike

Best Folding Exercise Bike for Tall Riders

With eight tension levels and a nice wide seat, this magnetic upright folding model delivers a solid ride to tall people without the need to adjust seats to their tippy-top setting (which can often lead to an unstable ride). “If you are shorter than 6-feet tall, this is not the one for you,” wrote one user, who found that trying to adjust the seat as low as she needed it to be wound up feeling unsafe, due to the handlebar distance. However, other (taller) riders enthused about the comfortable seat, quiet pedaling and back support.

folding exercise bike design 3way

12. Maboto Folding Exercise Bike

Best Folding Exercise Bike Design

Textured foot pedals are one of the creative solutions this bike offers for standard home cycling pain points (because spin class enthusiasts can really miss their snap-in biking shoes once they make the transition). Another extra on this hybrid pick, which holds riders up to 264 pounds, is a pair of resistance bands that can be used to work on your upper body while you’re pedaling madly in an upright or recumbent configuration of your choice.

folding exercise bike sturdy

13. Soozier Folding Exercise Bike

Sturdiest Folding Exercise Bike

Thick steel pipe and a generous load-bearing capacity (242 pounds) make this red-accented exercise bike a winner. At 39 pounds, it’s light enough to fold and wheel into a closet, but also hefty enough to tackle whatever ride your demanding spin instructor might throw at you. One reviewer put it to the test, writing, “I was curious if I could go ‘out of the saddle’ with this one as I used to during spin class, and the answer is yes. It's stable and does not tip even when I'm out of the seat.” With eight resistance settings, a digital readout for speed and your heart rate and a small padded back rest, this bike has everything you need and nothing that you don’t.

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