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This 5-Second Trick Will Help Reduce Anxiety the Next Time You Fly
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Flying is great and all (how else would we jet to Paris for a three-day weekend?), but the anxiety when you’re cruising at 36,000 feet is real. That’s why we love this super-simple trick to help calm your nerves.

What you do: Assuming you have a window seat, simply lower the window shade about two-thirds of the way. (If you’re on the aisle, and your seatmate isn’t surly, it never hurts to suggest closing it partway.)

Why this works: The sight of scenery—even clouds—whizzing by can heighten your nerves when you’re trying to relax and be in the moment (aka lose yourself in a Real Housewives marathon on Bravo until you land). Minimizing that distraction can also minimize reminders of the fact that, gah, you’re on a plane.

And don’t forget: There’s always wine.

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