You got under the covers around 10 p.m. last night, but judging by how tired you were this morning, you know you probably didn’t get to sleep sleep until way later. And you’re not alone. A recent report from Sleep Cycle, an app that tracks and analyzes your slumber, found a 54-percent increase in stress among Americans, affecting zzz patterns in teens and adults across the country. Yep, “coronasomnia,” or COVID-19-related sleep stress, is keeping lots of us awake at night.

And yes, there are plenty of ways to up your sleep game, from nutrition to movement and even supplements. But, c’mon, we have enough to deal with these days. We need something simple—and we need it now. So, we asked Frida Rångtell, sleep expert at Sleep Cycle, for her quickest go-to solution to our restless night woes, and her answer was surprisingly easy. In fact, it was stupid easy.

The one trick to fall asleep faster?

Wear warm socks to bed.

We told you it was easy. And there’s good reason behind it, too. Rångtell explained to us that while there are only a few scientific articles on the effects of socks on sleep, experts do know there is a relationship between sleep initiation and temperature. “It’s likely that the increase in temperature from wearing socks is exerting positive effects on sleep,” Rångtell explains. This might be the same reason why taking a warm bath or shower shortly before bedtime can make you doze off in an instant.

Reaching for the best pair of warm socks to try your sleep experiment tonight? While there’s not lots of data pointing toward which types of socks are most helpful, Rångtell suggests natural and breathable materials. “I would personally go with something like a thin wool or bamboo socks. Ideally, as environmentally friendly as possible.”

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1. SERISIMPLE Thin Bamboo Ankle Socks (5 pairs)

Woven from 90 precent natural fiber from bamboo and 10 percent Spandex, this five-pack is breathable and it has antibacterial properties, to keep odor problems at bay.

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2. SmartWool Heritage Heavy Crew Hiking Socks

A marled-Merino-wool blend, these heavier hiking socks soft and cozy. We also love the flecks and classic stripe design.

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3. Tailored Union Rainbow Socks

While these super cute, 100-percent cotton socks will help you get some zzz’s, you’ll also want to show them off in daylight.

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4. Tailored Union Trippy Ankle Socks

The tie-dye trend is alive and well in this adorable premium combed cotton pair.

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5. UGG Sienna Rain Boot Socks

These cable knit feet mittens have "sleep" written all of them.

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