This Sustainable Laundry Detergent From Dirty Labs Makes My Clothes Smell Like a Flower Bouquet—and I Love It

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Ah, laundry ... not the most exciting thing to do (which is probably why I wait until I run out of underwear to finally wash my clothes—don't judge me, we've all been there!). Still, it must be done. Fast forward to my Dirty Labs detergent review, and I have to admit, doing my laundry sucks way less. In fact, the sustainable laundry detergent smells like a fresh flower bouquet—not too overpowering, where it makes you want to sneeze, or too light, where you can't even tell your clothes hit the washer—it simply smells pure and clean.

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What Is Dirty Labs?

Dirty Labs is a cleaning innovations lab where environmentalists and chemists take a sustainable and bio-based approach using natural cleaning ingredients to create nontoxic, biodegradable and cruelty-free laundry detergents that the company claims will clean your clothes just as well as other top detergents (minus the pollution from petrochemicals and the harsh synthetics that are found in most cleaners).

Its products are also hypoallergenic and formulated without sulfates, chlorine-based bleaches or synthetic preservatives—a huge bonus for folks with sensitive skin. (It's even on the Eczema Foundation's list of accepted products for all ages.)

Plus, the fragrances are made using natural ingredients when possible, too. For example, Dirty Labs' signature bio laundry detergent with phytolase (the brand's trademarked advanced enzyme cleaning technology, which is made to target stains and odors for fresh-looking and smelling clothes), is made with magnolia, bergamot and cedar scents.

It's available in an 8.6 fluid-ounce bottle for 32 loads and a 20 fluid-ounce bottle for 75 loads. Both are totally recyclable and reportedly take up 50 percent less space than other laundry detergents. It also has a reported shelf life of 24 months. Oh, and did we mention the bottle comes with a cute rubbery and recyclable plastic cap with markings?

Our Review

I am not a fan of washing clothes. Sorting colors, pouring the detergent, waiting for it to finish and folding it ... even the detergent bottle is an eyesore to me. That's why when Dirty Labs came in the mail, I was initially thrown off. It looks like a hairspray bottle—it's super compact with a simple design.

I was also shocked when I discovered that such a small bottle (I got the 8.6 fluid-ounce size) could get you 32 loads—especially because I'm a classic over-pourer. For me, more detergent equals cleaner clothes, but this product proved me wrong.

I washed three separate loads using this detergent, trying it with a medium, large and extra-large pile in cold water. I also made sure to use the rubbery measuring cap for the suggested amounts. Much to my surprise, my clothes (including underwear, bras and swimsuits) and bedding (pillowcases, blankets and sheets) came out feeling clean, stain-free and smelling like a fresh bouquet of flowers.

As a person with allergies, I appreciated that the scent was not over-the-top, and I was even more impressed with how much less space the bottle took up than my regular Tide detergent—it can fit just about anywhere.

And while both Tide and Dirty Labs made my clothes feel clean, I used a lot less detergent with Dirty Labs and I preferred the subtle scent, which got even lighter a day later and gradually faded in roughly three days, whereas Tide has a robust floral smell that lingers on my clothes for days after they've been washed.

For $4 more, Dirty Labs was worth every penny to me since I probably saved money in the long run knowing there was no need to over pour—I know it gets the job done with less. I also didn't experience any itchiness or irritation wearing the clean clothes straight out of the washer.

So now, thanks to Dirty Labs, my carbon footprint just shrunk, my clothes are clean and they smell great. I'm never looking back.

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