The 9 Best Organic Cotton Underwear Brands that PureWow Editors Love

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If you’ve been trying to find ways to reduce your carbon footprint, organic cotton underwear may be a great place to start. Mainstream cotton is maintained with harmful chemicals and pesticides that can cause your skin to react and detrimentally impacts the environment. Finding a few of the best organic cotton underwear brands can really save your body, plus its eco-friendly.

We can easily get attached to brands and styles that have been our go-tos for years (we are definitely guilty of this). You should be replacing your underwear every six to nine months. If that statistic made you say “yikes!” Don’t worry, we’re with you. Before you head back to the fast-fashion brand to buy five-for-$30 panties, hear us out, because these are the best organic cotton underwear brands on the market.

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1. knickey

Why we love it: This cult-favorite undergarment brand dedicates their products to being eco-friendly and comfortable: A double whammy, if we’ve ever heard one. They use low-impact fabrics and ethically manufacture their collections to ensure that the consumer is getting the best bang for their buck. From low-rise thongs to high-rise briefs, whatever your style preference may be, Knickey makes them super comfy. Plus, all of their underwear are $14 so you don’t have to worry about any fluctuating prices based on size, cut or color.

Price: $17

Sizes: XXS to XXXL


2. pact

Why we love it: Here you will find undergarments and basics made of organic cotton on the entire site—they even offer options for men, kids and bedding. Their panties come in all cuts and styles—the ones with lace always have an organic cotton gusset at the bare minimum. Pact is known for their commitment to help save the planet by making organic cotton affordable and accessible to everyone. Their philanthropic goal is their Give Back, Wear Forward initiative which allows you to donate gently used clothes that they distribute to nonprofits and then recycling the packaging you sent them in. Talk about sustainability. Plus, you can print out a free shipping label on their site to send in your donations.

Price: $14 to $70

Sizes: XS to XXL

richer poorer
Richer Poorer

3. richer Poorer

Why we love it: Known for their briefs, Richer Poorer offers four different cuts for this style. Their namesake comes from observing and finding the balance in acceptance and inclusivity of all human beings. With anti-photoshopped product shots figuring out what this underwear will look like on real bodies is super easy. Their briefs are comfortable and super cute coming in an array of different colors with varying details from mesh to buttons. If you prefer a full-coverage pair of panties that maximize comfort and breathability, take these out for a spin.

Price: $28 to $70

Sizes: XS to XL


4. thinx

Why we love it: Period underwear don’t have to be old “granny panties.” Thinx’s organic cotton underwear are made to absorb any leaks and odors that may happen during that time of the month. That’s right, these will capture any liquids from urine, blood and sweat while you’re wearing them. On their website, you can filter the types of undies you need based on style or how much absorbency you want the bottoms to hold—from one tampon’s worth of liquid to five. Plus, they’re durable enough to sustain excess washing.

Price: $25 to $39

Sizes: XXS to XXXL


5. felina

Why we love it: This Amazon store has a ton of cozy cotton underwear to choose from. Their organic styles are low-rise if that’s more your jam. These panties aren’t too thick making them very breathable (AKA great for a workout) because nobody likes to be sweaty down there. We love these hipster panties in the shade “Aloe” because they have organic plant-based dyes, so you don’t have to worry about any suspicious chemicals added in. Like some of the other brands on this list, these ones are a thinner material but are made to endure frequent use and washing.

Price: $60

Sizes: XS to XXL

adore me1
Adore Me

6. adore Me

Why we love it: Adore Me’s sexy styles make shopping sustainably even more fun. From thongs to cheeky, lace detail to mesh, you can find just about any style for any occasion. You can even find a matching bra to snag for your new pair of undies. Become a part of Adore Me’s VIP Program to get killer monthly deals on these organic cotton panties, plus their other lingerie, too.

Price: $30

Sizes: XS to XL


7. eberjey

Why we love it: These lightweight underwear come in multiple colors and are very minimalist in design. If you prefer undergarments that have a basic look so you can wear easily under light colored clothes, try a few pairs of these. We love the Everyday Thong because it feels like it’s barely there. This brand has “go-to underwear” written all over it.

Price: $18 to $54

Sizes: XS to XL


8. everlane

Why we love it: Everlane is overflowing with some of our favorite staple pieces. Their Supima cotton underwear are lavishly soft and breathable and are a great option for a no-show pair under a dress or pair of leggings.

Price: $15 to $18

Sizes: XXS to XXL

screen shot 2021 06 09 at 1 18 43 pm
Hanky Panky

9. hanky Panky

Why we love it: Hanky Panky is home to a sexier style of underwear with a lot of lace detailing and cheekier cuts. Here you can find a lot of fun patterns and colors like these leopard print with the cotton gusset or these lace-trimmed black boy shorts. If you’re looking for a pair of wedding night or honeymoon pieces, you’re sure to be impressed by their selections.

Price: $34

Sizes: One-size

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