I Was Seriously Considering a Life of Commando, Until I Tried Knickey Underwear

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  • Value: 19/20
  • Functionality: 20/20
  • Quality: 20/20
  • Aesthetics: 20/20
  • Comfort: 20/20
  • TOTAL: 99/100

I have never been, as they say, good at underwear. OK, I doubt anyone has actually ever uttered that phrase, but on occasions when I’d observed (dressing rooms, girls’ trips, etc.), my friends’ nice looking, functional underwear I would wonder what I was still doing messing around with Hanky Panky thongs I’d had since college. And once in a while, I’d problem solve by taking to Amazon Priming some highly rated briefs or, more recently, dropping a big ole’ package of Costco Kirkland-brand undies into my shopping cart right on top of an oversized jar of blue cheese olives.   

But when I got pregnant and things started changing (aka the size of my butt and just generally being more uncomfortable), suddenly a need for real-deal nice looking, functional underwear became a priority—pinching waistlines and circulation-cutting thighs was just not gonna work for for me. In fact, at that point, I’d rather wear nothing than catch a glimpse of my rear in the mirror with EVPL (extremely visible panty lines).

And ya know what? While I was swapping up my skincare regimen for clean beauty and pregnancy-safe products, an underwear brand that was equally thoughtful about chemicals and materials would be nice, too.

Enter: Knickey

Knickey’s underwear is made of certified organic cotton, free from toxic chemicals. So I ordered two pairs: the mid-rise brief and the high-rise brief (although they offer five styles, including a thong, bikini and hipster). A few months and massive belly later, and I’m raring to order more for my post-natal underwear-wearing lifestyle. Here are my thoughts.

They’re so damn comfortable—from everyday life and working out to dressing up.

Both cuts delivered on the two most important factors for me: No EVPL and no cutting off circulation to my brain. It’s underwear that you forget you’re wearing, yes, even as my body morphed into a walrus. And even when you see your briefs in the mirror you think, “Not bad.” From working at home all day to yoga to even putting on a dress (shocker!), these work; they offer coverage but also stay put, and they look nice.

They’re well-made. Like really well-made.

There are some products that come out of the box looking and feeling pristine...and then you wash them once and they’re suddenly ragged and tattered. Knickeys hold up. I’ve been wearing these pairs since January, and through many a load of wash and drying cycle (even though they recommend you line dry to save energy), they’re still looking like they just popped out of the recycled boxed they came in.

The brand’s sustainable ethos is for real.

Yes, Knickey’s underwear is made from 95 percent organic cotton with 5 percent elastane (and it’s comfy as hell), but there’s more. From its farming (non-GMO cotton seeds, zero pesticides and natural fertilizers) to its labor (fair trade and hand-picked), this is underwear that is not only healthier for you to wear (no toxic chemicals), but it’s friendlier along the entire supply chain, farm to shelf. Plus, it’s got some serious certifications: Oeko-Tex (a global certification that ensures textiles are free of harmful chemicals like Azo colourants, nickel, lead, cadmium, formaldehyde, pentachlorophenol and any other toxins) and GTOS (the gold standard for organic fiber certification).

The price point isn’t prohibitive.

At $13 a pair, compared to some other fancy underwear, for everything they deliver, I say: Worth it. Plus, if you bundle up you can save—three for $36, five for $60, ten for $110 or 20 for $200.

Alas, I am officially not joining the commando lifestyle. But man, was I this close.


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