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We always thought the quickest way to get rid of a UTI was to run to the grocery store, buy the biggest bottle of 100 percent cranberry juice on the shelf and guzzle it until our symptoms went away. Turns out, we were wrong.

In a new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, cranberry capsules did nothing to improve or lessen the amount of UTIs in female nursing-home patients.

UTIs, caused by bacteria in the bladder and urinary tract, are often identified by frequent trips to the bathroom and pain during urination. Previously, the pH levels in cranberry capsules and juice were thought to be acidic enough to help stop the infection.

However, in this yearlong study of nearly 150 women, researchers concluded there were no major differences between the placebo group and the women who took two cranberry capsules per day. 

For now, experts recommend sticking to an antibiotic treatment to treat the infection. But, hey, if you enjoy the tart juice, go for it. Just know it probably won’t help cure any troubles. (Unless it’s in a cosmo. Then it might.)

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