Here Are the 11 Best Sex Toy Cleaners, Because Cleanliness Is Next to Erotic-ness

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The best sex toy cleaners are as important as the actual toys that you use, whether we’re talking your long-distance couples sex toys or maybe the rabbit vibrators or any of your favorite toys for women. And while you may have explored the best lube for you, you may not be rocking the best cleanser for your toys. While most toys can be rinsed under the faucet, given a swipe of mild hand (not dish) soap, rinsed and then air dried, there’s some next-level care that will make sure your toys are especially clean, conditioned and, if you choose, lightly scented. Mostly reasonably priced and often discreetly packaged, sex toy cleaners are the little purchase that’s going to pay off big in terms of your well-being. Check out the ones we’re eyeing, below.

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best sex toy cleaners shibari

1. Shibari Toy Cleaner

Best Overall


Alcohol-, glycerin, paraben-free

Safe for use with all toys


Requires post-cleansing rinse

This spray formula uses citric acid as a special, natural disinfecting agent, and since it’s free of oils and alcohol, it’s safe for use with latex, rubber and silicone toys. While the clean scent is intense, if you follow the instructions and rinse the cleaning solution off with warm water after letting it sit on your toy for 60 seconds, the scent will be dissipated by the time the toy dries.

best sex toy cleaners spray

2. Intimd Multi-purpose Hygienic Cleaner

Best Spray


Discreet packaging

Paraben-free, sulfate-free, soap-free


Lightly scented

This light floral spray is convenient to spritz on your toys, swipe it across the surface, rinse and let air dry. An added plus of this formula is that its non-sex-toy-specific name means you’re free to leave this under your bathroom counter without it being detected by any guests who might not be hip to sex toys.

best sex toy cleaners wipes

3. Lovehoney Fresh Biodegradable Sex Toy & Body Wipes

Best Wipes





Slight alcohol scent

“Much easier and less mess than using solutions and cloths,” says one reviewer. “Just wipe clean, then dispose.” This pack of 25 sheets is resealable (so the sheets stay moist), and contains aloe to soothe skin as well as condition toys.

best sex toy cleaners jo

4. Jo Refresh Foaming Toy Cleaner

Best Fragrance-Free


Foaming action



Requires rinsing

Intimate areas on the body can get irritated by added chemicals and fragrances, so this scentless cleanser is beloved by users for its ability to get the job done without any extra added ingredients. Users report it rinses off toys easily and only takes a couple squirts to sanitize a toy.

best sex toy cleaners lelo

5. Lelo Premium Cleaning Sex Toy Cleaner Spray

Best for Travel


Discreet labeling

Alcohol free



Made by luxury sex toy maker Lelo, this two-ounce bottle of sex toy cleaner is labelled “Premium Cleaning Spray” which won’t tip TSA agents off that this is your lube cleaner. (Be sure to lock your vibrator’s “on” switch, however, because that’s hard not to recognize.) Seriously, the pH-balanced formula isn’t going to irritate your skin, and the ease of use (just rinse your toy with water, spray on some cleaner, then rinse again with water) make it worth being in your travel go kit.

best sex toy cleaner same

6. Dame Hand + Vibe Cleaner

Best Dual Purpose


Suitably sized for your purse

Safe with all toys


Pricey for a hand cleanser

Can be drying

A truly innovative product mash-up, this is combination hand sanitizer/toy cleanser. The alcohol and witch hazel ingredients make your hands feel super clean while they’re killing germs, and the sweet orange essence adds a touch of botanical scent.

best sex toy cleaners uv
Ella Paradis

7. Uvee Home Play Uv Cleaner

Best High-Tech Option


Hands-free cleaning

Also charges devices



Science the hell out of those dirty toys of yours by locking them in this UV chamber, where ten minutes of basking in UV light will kill bacteria, yeast, E.coli, Salmonella, strep, pseudomonas and other microorganisms. There’s a child lock to keep this 16.5 x 8.75-inch box locked, and bonus: You can also use it to kill germs on your cell phone.

best sex toy cleaners maude

8. Maude The Clean Kit

Best Kit





Oversized towels

This set of ten dehydrated towels and 1 oz.-size bottle of Clean, Maude’s alcohol-and-coconut-oil sanitizer, means you can excuse yourself to the bathroom and tidy up yourself and your toys. When you wet the cellulose towels, they unfurl to be much larger than a washcloth, though, so you’ll want to plan ahead where you’re going to discard the compostable towel post-cleansing.

best sex toy cleaners cake

9. Cake Toy Cleaner

Best Foaming


Foaming action



Spread this foaming cleanser around the toy surface, wait 30 to 60 seconds, then rinse off, like some sort of adult version of scrubbing bubbles. The light (not overpowering) scent might be too much for the overly sensitive, but the squeaky-clean post-wash toy surface won’t.

best sex toy cleaner intimate earth
Intimate Earth

10. Intimate Earth Green Toy Cleaner

Best Natural Formula


Natural botanical ingredients

Safe for all toys


Not totally organic

Natural product lovers will appreciate this botanical formula, which includes soothing aloe, antiseptic tea tree oil and lemongrass extracts. While the water-based formula is mostly organic, sticklers will note a few botanicals are not; however, with the paraben-, alcohol- and triclosan-free ingredient list, you’re getting a lot of healthful cleaning in just a couple sprays.

best sex toy cleaners bathmate

11. Bathmate Pumps Clean Misting Toy Cleaner

Best Scented


Safe for latex, silicone and rubber

Light lemon fragrance


Requires wiping product before rinsing

The light lemon scent of this cleansing mist is going to appeal to someone who wants a toy that smells clean without carrying a floral scent. The alcohol-free formula means this won’t dry out your silicone, rubber or latex toy surface.

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