These Are the 5 Best Cities for Sleep in the U.S.

Do you have absolutely no problem falling asleep the second your head hits the pillow? Us, either. That’s why we’re seriously considering moving to one of these five cities, which are the very best places to get shut-eye, according to research by Tuck. Their findings are based on a variety of factors, including the city’s light pollution, ongoing construction projects, air quality, obesity rates, unemployment rates, average commute times and air quality.

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5. Lincoln, Ne

This city takes z’s seriously: Only 30 percent of its residents report getting less than seven hours of sleep on a regular basis. (Damn, we’ve been praying for more than five hours just one night this week.)

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4. Portland, Or

In Oregon’s largest city, it’s all about the commute time. With shorter-than-average trips to work, most of its residents have more time to unwind at home. It’s no wonder Portland has one of the lowest sleep-deprivation rates in the country.

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3. Boise, Id

Welcome to beautiful Boise, where residents sleep soundly, the unemployment rate is 3.1 percent and obesity rates are 28.6 percent. We’re getting tired already…

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2. Sioux Falls, Sd

Residents of this eastern South Dakota city report that they’re rarely sleep-deprived—maybe it’s because it’s one of the cleanest cities in America, and its unemployment rate is below the national average, at 3 percent.

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1. Colorado Springs, Co

With an unemployment rate of 2.3 percent and only 20 percent of residents classified as obese, this city south of Denver is arguably one of the happiest and healthiest cities in the country. (Plus, all that hiking on Pikes Peak will totally wear you out.)