7 Upgrades That Will Take Your At-Home Workouts to the Next Level

Within the past year, more and more people have transitioned their gym sessions and studio classes to their living rooms, basements, garages, backyards, you name it. And sure, the idea of an at-home workout sounds good…until you realize you only have the bare minimum when it comes to equipment. Don’t get us wrong, there are plenty of workouts you can do by only using your bodyweight but if you’re looking to kick things up a notch, we recommend introducing some simple extras. Below, seven products that will help upgrade your at-home workouts.

kenko wooden dumbbells

1. Double-duty Weights

The slight problem with at-home workout equipment is that it can be unsightly, especially when you live in a small space or, like most of us, don’t have a properly designed at-home gym. That’s where these Kenko double-duty weights come in. Handcrafted from natural hardwood, these dumbbells will not only help you achieve killer arm muscles, but they will also look like a beautiful piece of decor when not in use. The sleek design has a minimalist vibe with brass detailing and a weighted iron core. See ya, neon free weights!

body armor lyte sports drink
McKenzie Cordell/BodyArmor

2. Better-for-you Hydration

Swap out your usual sugary workout drink for one that’s going to fill your body with the vitamins and minerals you need to perform and recover. BodyArmor Lyte Sports Drink is made without artificial flavors, sweeteners, added sugar or dyes. Instead, it’s packed with vitamins A, C and E along with five essential B vitamins, and also has potassium-filled electrolytes and coconut water. Plus, it comes in eight delicious flavors so there’s something for everyone.

powerdot strig pro tool

3. Recovery Iastm Tool

An IASTM (instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization) tool is kind of like a gua sha for your entire body. Much like gua sha, you gently scrape it along areas that need some extra love, like tight muscles or soreness. This PowerDot Strig Pro uses its contoured edge to target and relieve pain across the body, along with micro-vibrations to help flush out inflammation and micro-current stimulation to help speed up recovery. Case in point: Your body will thank you.

weighted jump rope

4. Weighted Jump Rope

If your body can handle high impact exercises, get yourself a weighted jump rope as it’s a great way to improve coordination, endurance and strength. This Te-Rich Weighted Jump Rope lets you input your weight and allows you to see how many jumps you make and how many calories you burned in one session. In addition to the traditional longer rope, it comes with a cordless option (a ball attached to a small cable) that’s ideal for smaller spaces or traveling.

ayurvedic yoga mat
Bennd Yoga

5. Ayurvedic Yoga Mat

If yoga is more your speed, try out a Ayurvedic yoga mat instead of your usual foam one. Not only is this Bennd Yoga Mat straight-up beautiful, it’s also beneficial for your body as its made with 100 perfect raw cotton that’s medicinally dyed and infused with Bennd’s exclusive formula consisting of 22 Ayurvedic medicines. This mat specifically has harda, a potent digestive herb, in the center and on both ends. There are also turmeric hand-grip lines, which is an antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Might we suggest getting flameless candles (because, safety) to really set the mood?

bala bangles
Bala Bangles

6. Stylish Wearable Weights

Get a little more out of your daily routine by wearing everyone’s favorite Bala Bangles. At one pound each, these bangle-style weights can be worn on either your wrists or ankles for added resistance to your training and recreational activities. Whether you’re strolling on the beach, training for a race or simply doing laundry, the bit of extra weight is an easy way to get more out of what you’re doing.

treadly 2

7. Compact Treadmill

If you haven’t noticed a trend by now, small spaces can have an impact on your at-home workouts but fortunately, there are compact machines that will help you get the job done. A PureWow editor favorite is Treadly 2, a super thin (it’s only 3.7” tall) folding treadmill that’s ideal for at-home walkers and joggers. This compact treadmill features an innovative display, smart-control handrail, Bluetooth speakers and gives users the option to join the Treadly community that mimics the camaraderie of a meetup group.

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