5 Questions You Should 100 Percent Ask a Wedding Photographer Before You Book Them

Any newlywed couple will tell you that the most important thing at your wedding, besides your choice of spouse, of course, is the photographer. But choosing one that vibes with your style and delivers on the goods can be tough—there are just so many amazing photogs. So we reached out to wedding photographer Alisha Siegel to get the questions she thinks every client should ask before they book with her. Here’s what she had to say.

1. How long does it take to receive your photos?
“Mostly because you don't want to be disappointed if ten weeks go by and you still haven't gotten them, so it's good to set this expectation early on. And if getting photos fast is a priority for you, then you definitely want to ask about this, and maybe even get it in writing in the contract.”

2. How do downloads work?
“This is important to ask because sometimes photographers will charge for hi-res downloads. It would be a huge disappointment if you budgeted for your photographer, and then down the road you realize it's an extra cost to have them as hi-res downloads (which, trust me, you will want). Most photographers will have this included in their packages, but it's really useful for you to ask about!”

3. Are travel fees included?
“These days, couples don't seem to care if their photographer lives five minutes away from their venue or a five-hour plane ride away. And to be honest, most of us photogs love traveling for amazing destination weddings! If you decide you want to bring a photographer in from out of state, or even more than an Uber drive away, definitely ask about travel fees. You just want to be on the same page with this early on so that things don't get sticky down the road. Some photographers will invoice you the exact flight and hotel cost, where others will just add in a flat travel rate. Either way, it's good to ask.”

4. Can I see an example album?
“As photographers, we like to highlight the best of the best on our websites (can you blame us?!) but a lot of times you don't see the smaller—but important things—like family, bridal party or dancing/party shots. If you ask for a full example gallery, you will get a way better scope of how you'd receive your photos and how many you'd get in a full album. It's good on both ends because then it sets expectations early on.”

5. How do you as a photographer typically approach a wedding day?
“Some photographers are more photojournalistic and want to stay out of the way as much as possible, and some are super stylized and want a bit more of your attention throughout the day. Both styles make for beautiful photos. It really boils down to how you want photography incorporated into your day. By asking this question, it will allow the photographer to explain a bit more about how they schedule photos around your day and will give you a sense for their personality, how they work and how’ll they’ll potentially work with you.”

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