20 Fun and Sophisticated Bachelorette Party Ideas (That Don’t Involve Vegas or Penis Straws)

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If thoughts of a weekend in Vegas or a Bourbon Street bar crawl send chills down your spine, congratulations: You’re officially a grown-ass woman looking to plan a grown-ass bachelorette party. You’ve come to the right place—from zen-like retreats and activities that will make you feel truly pampered (hello, spa day) to fun outings and creative pursuits (sip and paint, anyone?), here are 20 unconventional bachelorette party ideas that you won’t block from your Facebook feed or cringe at for years to come.

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1. A Weekend Yoga Retreat

Instead of partying all night and sleeping ’til noon, incorporate some sun salutations into your girls’ getaway. (After months of planning you could probably use a good vinyasa flow, anyway). Turns out, there’s a whole site dedicated to finding these type of retreats, no matter your price point or party size. If an entire weekend of yoga seems a bit extreme, squeeze a session into one aspect of your trip—say, a weekend at the beach with a morning of downward dogs and setting intentions, followed by sparkling wine at lunch.

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2. A Trip to the Spa

Mail your gals a plush terry-cloth robe and an invite to the fanciest spa in town. Insider tip: Most spas offer discounts of 10 to 15 percent for groups larger than four or six. Try for a spot with a common space for everyone to hang out, but if not, at least schedule your pedicures together. Then revel in some glorious alone time during the hour-long massage.

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3. A Wine Tasting Tour

An afternoon at a vineyard is another great way to take the edge off—hello, infinite bottles of rosé—without any of the penis-straw-induced mayhem. The best part is that you don’t have to commit to an entire weekend. Chances are there’s a vineyard within driving distance from you. Just rent a bus or a limo (or a very kind fiancé chauffeur), book a fancy Airbnb and you’re all set.

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4. A Group Cooking Class

Everywhere from Sur La Table to your favorite patisserie holds some version of a cooking class. Start by picking the cuisine (classic Italian, sushi, layer cake—you name it), then do a little digging. The real selling point: It’s impossible to have drama on a full stomach.

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5. A Group Dance Class

If your friends aren’t afraid to poke fun at themselves, this one’s for you. Find a class that teaches the moves to one of today’s popular music videos. For example, DivaDance in New York City and Austin, Texas, holds classes dedicated to Beyoncé, Bieber and old school Christina Aguilera.

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6. A Comedy Club

A comedy club may seem one step up from Chippendales, but it's a recipe for hilarity—especially when the stand-ups know you're there for a bachelorette party (mother-in-law jokes abound). Call the club in advance and reserve a front-row table. After a few espresso martinis, you’re guaranteed to leave in stitches.

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7. A Weekend of Glamping

If the pseudo outdoors is more your speed, then we highly recommend exploring an upscale camping site, where you can sleep inside without fear of bug bites, rocks in your back and wild animal attacks. Two thumbs up if you can score one in a national park.

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8. A Scenic Day Cruise

If you live near a body of water, sign up for a day cruise with your pals and enjoy a few hours of scenic views and socializing in a fresh and fun setting. Most boat tours serve adult beverages and food on board, and some companies offer private bookings, so you and your guests can have the whole vessel to yourselves. For a truly special experience, check out all the options and pick the swankiest one you can find.

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9. A Cabaret Club

Skip the male strippers and keep it classy with a night at a cabaret club where you can catch a performance that’s actually interesting. Live jazz music, Cirque-style acrobatics, seductive burlesque dancers and lively variety shows that serve up a little bit of everything—a dinner theater or cabaret club reliably has top-notch food, strong cocktails and memorable entertainment on the menu.

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10. A Trip to an Amusement Park

Make it a destination party and book a few tickets to California or Florida for a resort-style Disney experience, or just head to a nearby Six Flags for the day (there are tons of ‘em). Either way, there’s no better way to celebrate the end of an era than with some nostalgic fun at a theme park with friends—you know, ‘cause you’re really never too old to enjoy the thrill of a rollercoaster and the greasy goodness of funnel cake.

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11. A Music Festival

If the timing is right, score tickets to a music festival for you and your gang. It’s pretty hard to beat a bachelorette party that entails a whole weekend of dancing to live performances from not one but several of your favorite artists whilst surrounded by your favorite people. What to pack? Every hip and Insta-worthy outfit you own, of course.

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12. A Hotel Slumber Party

Lounging in luxury robes, swimming in the pool, getting pampered at the spa, watching movies, enjoying five-star food and drink delivered to your room—a weekend or even a one-night staycation with friends at a luxury hotel is truly a treat. Just plan some games to play, so there’s additional fun to be had once everyone has availed themselves of the hotel amenities, and be sure to spring for the best and roomiest suite you can afford, so the whole group can party and crash in one spot. (Adjoining rooms will do the trick, too.)

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13. A Disco Party

No good concerts scheduled to coincide with your party date? No problem. Just turn a private venue (or your own pad) into Studio 54 for the night and queue up a playlist of 70s disco hits that will get everyone out on the dance floor. For best results, make sure the sound setup is topnotch, the decor is on point and the guests obey the Boogie Nights dress code.

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14. An Axe Throwing Party

Sure, it’s a fun team-building exercise with officemates, but this high-energy activity is even more enjoyable among the chosen company of your bachelorette party. Best of all, most axe throwing venues serve a full menu that includes craft beer and cocktails, and the pastime itself is totally safe (and much easier than you think after a quick intro course from a pro), so you needn’t worry about the event ending in tragedy.

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15. A Weekend Ski Trip

Head to a ski resort for some winter weather thrills, complete with a cozy lodge stay so the crew can unwind after a day on the slopes with movies, games and plenty of hot (preferably spiked) beverages. Psst: A vacation rental with a hot tub is kind of a must.

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16. An Escape Room Party

There’s nothing quite like bonding with your besties by trying to escape a locked room with them. But seriously, escape rooms are stimulating and fun—and the teamwork required to crack the code and break free really does bring folks closer. Book an in-person escape room session for your bachelorette party, or invite guests to your place to participate in a virtual experience. Either way, you can count on everyone present being fully engaged.

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17. A Private Movie Viewing

Here, a laid back party idea that involves renting out a theater, or (weather permitting) setting up a projector screen in the backyard, for an intimate viewing experience that takes place somewhere a little less ordinary than the living room couch, yet still doesn’t require every guest to keep their lips zipped for the entirety of the event. As for the movie pick, feel free to lean into the occasion with a cheesy rom-com, or perhaps take advantage of the opportunity to make your friends watch any offbeat flick you’ve been dying to see—you really can’t go wrong, so long as there’s an abundance of food and beverage.

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18. A Brunch Party

Make it a daytime affair with an oh-so sophisticated brunch party where guests arrive dressed in their Sunday best to wash down a mouth watering spread of morning and lunchtime favorites with bottomless Champagne cocktails. An expertly curated brunch menu, a solid playlist and perhaps a few, post-meal parlor games are all you need to ensure a successful bachelorette bash.

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19. A Dinner Party with a Private Chef

Dinner parties are divine…unless you’re saddled with the chore of cooking, serving and cleaning up, that is. A bachelorette party only happens once (one hopes), so it’s perfectly reasonable to splurge on a house call from a professional chef who can handle the dinner, while you focus on the party.

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20. A Paint and Sip Party

Bring in a professional artist to teach you and your guests some basic techniques and then let your creativity (and a few glasses of chardonnay) take over. With good wine and even better compa​​ny, this low-key event is sure to be a hit, even if the finished canvases are more comedy than fine art.

Who Pays for What at a Bachelorette Party?

Good news, brides-to-be: You don’t have to pay for any of the expenses related to your bachelorette party. Typically, the entire cost of the affair is covered by the attendees, who will pay their way and all chip in to cover you as well. That said, bach party planning is usually a collaborative process—namely because all the invitees need to actually be able to afford their share and the overall budget must be set accordingly. And let’s just say, money has been a little tight for many as of late (ahem, inflation). For this reason, our list of creative bachelorette party ideas mostly steers clear of lavish celebrations that require guests to pony up for pricy airfare, lodging and everything else, and features low-key party ideas that will make the bride-to-be feel plenty special without making the whole wedding party go broke. (Thoughtful, right?)

What Do You Do at a Low-Key Bachelorette Party?

As we hinted at above, a low-key bachelorette party really just refers to any non-destination celebration (i.e., a party that doesn’t require attendees to take a full-blown vacation with you). A low-key bach party can be limited to a single day (see, brunch party), or it might still involve a full weekend of festivities, as with a hotel staycation or yoga retreat. In other words, a low-key bach party is just a more money-conscious version of the traditional thing—and what you do at one really just depends on where the event is taking place, as well as the bride-to-be’s personal party style (i.e., tame or wild). That said, you can typically expect a main activity, some party games and, more often than not, plenty of booze.

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