The 5 Destinations Travel Bloggers Are Dying to Visit This Year

You’re wearing tie-dye because your favorite fashion blogger told you to. You cooked up broiled citrus ricotta toast because your beloved food maven suggested it. And now, you should book a flight because one of these travel bloggers highly recommends it—plain and simple. Here, the five places these professional wanderlusters have their hearts set on going this year.

puglia italy
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Puglia, Italy

“I have a mild Italy obsession. Few countries have as many unrivaled regions and potential trips to choose from. But this year I want to go back to an area I have already spent a little bit of time in: Puglia. The heel of the boot has started gaining attention in recent years because of its expansive coastline, incredible seafood and charming architecture. But it still feels like an undiscovered gem. Sit in any seaside restaurant with a glass of local Verdeca and an assortment of raw sea urchin and shrimp, and then marvel over your bill—it will be half of what you would pay in a more touristed part of the country. So, until that recent attention tips into overcrowding, it is time to go back and spend a longer time appreciating the Italian sunshine.” – Ali Rosen, Potluck with Ali 

Where to Stay: Borgo Egnazia

cook islands polynesia
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Cook Islands, Polynesia

“I’m constantly seeing people traveling to the Maldives and Bora Bora, but the lesser known Cook Islands, in Polynesia, is where true untouched paradise resides. Or so I'm told. Made up of 15 islands, its two most popular are Rarotonga and Aitutaki. Rarotonga is known for its beaches and scuba diving, and Aitutaki has numerous picturesque lagoons. Think of this place as Hawaii but 50-plus years ago (but with all of the modern conveniences). It’s truly a wonder how it is, still, largely undiscovered by North Americans. So, shh, don’t tell anyone.” - Hannah Rheaume, The Sunny Side of Things

Where to Stay: Pacific Resort Aitutaki

lombardy italy
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Lombardy, Italy

“My pick of where to travel now is the northern Italian region of Lombardy. For a visual, stream Call Me by Your Name because the majority of the movie was filmed there. Many travelers know that Milan and Lake Como are in Lombardy, but aside from that, the region is relatively unknown. Take a page from Milan's fashionistas who do long weekends in Franciacorta, in the countryside—it’s home to some of the best sparkling wines in the world. Set on the shores of Lake Iseo, the region of Franciacorta has an impossibly stylish blend of modern design and country charm. Oh, and en route, make time for a coffee (and some shopping) in the historic section of Bergamo—an area that’s uber photogenic and has sweeping views of the whole region!” - Aida Mollenkamp, Salt and Wind

Where to Stay: L’Albereta

namibia africa
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Namibia, Africa

“With a sunset and night sky that is unparalleled, Namibia is a place that everyone should experience. It’s a place that is so steeped in culture, history and natural beauty that you can’t help but be changed after experiencing it. This is where I go to truly re-center myself and put things into prospective, a true spiritual awakening and a place that helps you realize just how incredible our world is. Your eyes won’t believe what they’re experiencing, and I can’t wait to return this year.” – Ingrid Asoni, Consciously Connected

Where to Stay: Omaanda

mexico city
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Mexico City, Mexico

 “I’m going to Mexico City next weekend to finally try all of the city’s amazing food—not to mention escape this New York cold! The city has been on my list for a few years now, so I’m very excited to finally have found a time to visit. We’ll be staying at Pug Seal Anatole; it’s a converted mansion in the heart of Polcano and every room is decorated completely different. I can’t wait to check in (and also for a spicy margarita and as many tacos as I can get my hands on).” – Emma Bates

Where to Stay: Pug Seal Anatole


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