This Service Will Schlep Your Stuff to and from the Hamptons for You

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Things we look forward to with the arrival of Hamptons season: poolside lounging, leisurely brunches at the nearest sidewalk café, sipping rosé while watching the sunset over the ocean. Something we don’t look forward to? Figuring out how to get the entirety of our summer wardrobe (we need options, OK?) to the East End without losing our mind…or throwing out our back.

Thankfully, we now have Tote Taxi to take the headache out of the whole process. The “haute courier” is specifically for people traveling to and from the Hamptons, so they understand the unique hassles that come with heading out east. (Arielle Charnas, aka Something Navy, is a fan.)

Here’s how it works: Schedule a pickup—Thursday through Saturday mornings from NYC to the Hamptons, and Sunday and Monday mornings for the return trip—and a courier will pick up whatever luggage you want transported. (You can leave everything with the doorman or front desk if you won’t be home.) Then make the trip blissfully free of bags and your stuff will arrive later that afternoon or evening. Which means you can head straight to happy hour upon arrival without an oversize suitcase in tow.

The rates are totally reasonable at $49 for a weekend bag, $59 for a suitcase, $69 for golf clubs and $79 for a bike (!). A couple of other cool features: You can add insurance for any extra-valuable items when you book, and if you’re lucky enough to be traveling via Blade, you can add Tote Taxi service to your flight right in the app.

And if you book through Tote Taxi’s partners—which include Blade, the Surf Lodge and wardrobe valet Garde Robe—you could be one of 200 clients this summer who nabs a special Hamptons welcome tote complete with Sephora face masks, Hamptons rosé, Tan-Luxe self-tanning water, essential oils and more.

See you—and your bags—in the Hamptons.

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