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Aha! We Found the Exact Time to Book Cheaper Holiday Flights
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When it comes to booking flights (and scoring cheap seats), we’re typically told the earlier the better. But there is one instance in which planning super far in advance might actually hurt you—end-of-the-year travel.

Yup, it turns out that waiting until a certain week can actually save you money. According to data collected and analyzed by Expedia, the money-saving sweet spot is between November 26 and December 5, when travelers saved about five percent on flights. This may not seem like much, but the data also showed that those who bought their tickets way in advance, before September 27, paid roughly ten percent more than the average, or 15 percent more than those savvy procrastinators who waited until after Thanksgiving to book.

It looks like the early bird doesn’t always get window seat, after all.

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