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From the peonies to the baguettes to the adorable French cafés, there are oodles of reasons to hop a flight to Paris right now. But just in case you need some extra convincing, let us woo you with 16 très jolie Instagrams from the City of Light. 

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There’s no better view than la Tour Eiffel surrounded by cherry blossoms.

…Unless you’re peeping the in-bloom magnolia trees by the Assemblée Nationale.

Cue the romantic strolls past the Seine at dusk.

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And again for a post-dinner detour over by Notre Dame.

OK, OK, you should probably allow time to see the cathedral up close come spring.

And good news: It’s impossible to miss these quintessential rooftop views.

Hopping from one patisserie to the next will be your favorite French thing.

And all you’ll want to do is stuff yourself full of one euro baguettes.

Sunday is for sipping un café alfresco and people watching all afternoon.

And, now that temps are on the rise, lounging in the colorful chairs sprinkled around Luxembourg Gardens is the best.

You could also hit up one of the (zillions of) farmers’ markets.

Then, take your fromage (and baguettes) on the metro for a picnic at the Place des Vosges.

An afternoon in Montmartre—and lunch at La Maison Rose—is never a bad idea.

P.S.: You can’t leave Paris without eating at least one macaron.

Gah, OK—you totally have time to squeeze in a stop at just one more lovely café.

PSA: Peonies are officially in season. Treat yo’self.

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