16 of the Best Travel Organizers to Turn You Into a Packing Pro

Getaways are fun. Packing isn’t—but it can be

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Raise your hand if packing stresses you out. *Pauses for every single person reading this to lift their arm.* Even if you’re an avid traveler, there’s no denying that the process of deciding what to bring when you're away from home—and how to most efficiently fit it into your luggage—can be a universally daunting process. It seems no matter how big our carry-on is, we're always short of space, making our OOTD planning a real challenge. If you’re a fellow stuffer and crammer looking to change your troubled ways, then a trusty travel organizer may just be what you need.

The Best Travel Organizers at a Glance


Best Travel Toiletry Organizer

Dagne Dover Mila Travel Organizer

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Best Suitcase Travel Organizer

BumbleBella by Jill Martin Hanging Packing Cubes

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Best Pill Travel Organizer

Fullicon Pill Travel Organizer

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Best Hanging Travel Organizer

Calpak Terra Toiletry Organizer

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Best Jewelry Travel Organizer

Nordstrom Hexagon Jewelry Case

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Meet the Expert

Linda Samuels is a New York-based certified coach and professional organizer in chronic disorganization who launched her company, Oh, So Organized!, in 1993. She also serves as the professional organizer advisor for Nest by Revel.

Benefits of Travel Organizers

Travel organizers are ideal for protecting your belongings and neatly displaying them while simultaneously saving you precious storage space. And given the increasingly chaotic nature of traveling (can you say "delays?"), they can also bring you a much-needed sense of calm during your excursion. “The more organized you can be with your physical belongings, [the more it] will reduce some of the stress that you have with regular travel,” says New-York based professional organizer Linda Samuels of Oh, So Organized!

As Samuels points out, getting to your destination and adjusting to a new setting is overwhelming enough as it is, so the last thing you need is a cluttered mess when you finally unzip your luggage. “[If] you have a suitcase or a small bag, and you have things all in a jumble, it's hard to just access what you want,”she tells PureWow. “The more that you can ... create homes within the little home that you're working [with], the easier [things will] be to access."

What to Look for in a Travel Organizer

Considering that your travel organizer could make or break your trip if your beloved belongings don't arrive to your destination intact, you shouldn't choose one lightly. Below, three things to look out for.

  • Size: To guarantee the best outcome, Samuels suggests opting for something that’s not too bulky that doesn’t add a lot of weight.
  • Hardware: Another key component to look for when it comes to travel organizers? Hardware. Samuels notes that zippers tend to be more inconsistent with cheaper products, and the last thing you want is a broken one that leaves you unable to access your things on-the-go. As such, she says it's sometimes worth it to spend a little more on a selection with more reliable hardware.
  • The extras: Last but not least, with the often inevitable turbulence of planes, trains and automobiles, it's common for packed items to break, spill or be displaced on their journey. Therefore, it's best to keep an eye out for padded options that include straps, buckles, hooks and pockets that can restrain your assets from shifting around. Basically? The more bells and whistles, the better!

How We Chose the Best Travel Organizers

In addition to keeping an eye out for lightweight picks with good hardware and plenty of extras, we gravitated towards organizers that would best prevent damage to your belongings. This meant choosing ones with water-resistant material (because who wants to open their suitcase to find a soaking mess?). In addition, we researched products that both our readers and shoppers felt strongly about, digging deep into their positive and critical reviews alike to find the cream of the crop. Whether you’re going away for business or vacation, here are some of the best travel organizers that’ll make your transportation efforts a little (or a lot) easier.

Best Travel Toiletry Organizer

1. Dagne Dover Mila Travel Organizer

Dagne Dover

  • What We Like: recycled materials, removable divider, adjustable compartments, carrying handles
  • What We Don't Like: can be cumbersome to open and close
  • Best For: toiletries

If using all those jet fuel miles has you feeling guilty about your carbon footprint, ease your conscience and help save the planet (sort of) by compensating with the 100 percent Repreve travel organizer that PureWow readers are obsessed with. Made from recycled water bottle plastic, its material manages to repel water to keep your belongings safe. We're also big fans of that interior divider, which features six compartments that can not only be adjusted as needed, but removed entirely, allowing you to fit exactly what you need inside. Oh, and did we mention the toothbrush holders? (Psst: If this one's too large for your tastes, there's also a smaller version, from $40, available.)

Best Suitcase Travel Organizer

2. BumbleBella by Jill Martin Hanging Packing Cubes

BumbleBella by Jill Martin

  • What We Like: water-resistant, compressive, super sturdy, multi-purpose
  • What We Don't Like: need to be air-dried
  • Best For: clothes and delicates

We’ve all been there: sitting on our luggage with all our might to make sure the thing actually closes shut. But that was before we got our hands on these BumbleBella by Jill Martin hanging packing cubes. According to the brand, these little babies have 30 percent more compression than their competitors, making it easier to fit your essentials inside your suitcase. What's more, you can link the shelf-like cube bottoms together when the tops are flipped open to create a mini hanging dresser once you arrive to your destination. (Genius, right?) They definitely work: Commerce Director Nicole Briese uses them even when she's not traveling to display her purses. Each set comes with two cubes as well as a mesh skinny garment container for your dirty socks, underwear and the like. Just be sure not to throw the cubes in the dryer, as they could lose their shape.

Best Pill Travel Organizer

3. Fullicon Pill Travel Organizer


  • What We Like: airtight seal, spacious design
  • What We Don't Like: may not hold as much as it claims
  • Best For: medications, vitamins

Spilled pills can be a disaster. Luckily, this neat organizer makes sure your prescriptions are one less thing you’ll have to worry about while traveling. Equipped with seven ultra-secure compartments, it's got a rubber ring around the edge to make for an airtight seal, preventing your important medications from getting damp or dusty. According to the company, it can hold between 12 and 14 vitamins or five to seven fish oil pills in each compartment for a total of between 35 to 98 pills, though shoppers say it's a bit smaller than advertised. To be safe, you may want to order the next size up ($12).

Best Hanging Travel Organizer

4. Calpak Terra Toiletry Organizer


  • What We Like: water-resistant, collapsible, sustainable, toothbrush loops, spacious, durable
  • What We Don't Like: doesn't fully zip shut, can spill in suitcase
  • Best For: toiletries

This foldable, hanging travel organizer is guaranteed to keep your toothpaste, deodorant, razor and more in check. Why? Because it has a large base compartment with elastic bands at the top and sides to keep everything in place when you’re on the move. It also includes a top handle, so you can carry it around with ease. The 100 percent recycled ripstop polyester material is water-resistant and super strong, and the whole thing weighs less than 1 pound, making it ultra-lightweight.

Best Jewelry Travel Organizer

5. Nordstrom Hexagon Jewelry Case


  • What We Like: Interior layers to protect against scratching, elastic anti-tangle pockets
  • What We Don't Like: takes up a decent amount of room in a tote or suitcase, bottom compartment sticks
  • Best For: earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, sunglasses and watches

Know what's not fun? Detangling seven necklaces before dinner. Thanks to the clever design of this chic jewelry travel organizer, you shouldn't have to. Its hexagonal shape unrolls to reveal five separate compartments: two for sunglasses, one for earrings, one for necklaces and bracelets (complete with five snaps to keep them in place) and one for rings. Each one also has features to fit the jewelry at hand (the earring compartment, for instance, has a small board to affix your studs to). After testing it out, we can confirm that nothing shifts or falls out when it's rolled up, and it's got enough room for nearly our entire jewelry collection. No wonder this baby sold out during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! Our only complaints? We have found that it does take up a decent amount of space in your tote or carry-on and the bottom compartment can stick to the one above, requiring a bit of a tug.

Best Travel Makeup Organizer

6. Paravel See-All Vanity Travel Organizer


  • What We Like: easy-to-clean, transparent bottom, stain-resistant, recycled materials, customizable
  • What We Don't Like: pricey
  • Best For: toiletries, makeup

If you need your face to be on fleek no matter where you go, then you better make sure you’re storing your cosmetic products with care. This makeup travel organizer will meet your needs and then some. Its open design means you can fit everything from your setting spray and moisturizer to your favorite foundation inside, and the see-through material means you (and TSA) will be able to quickly and easily take stock of your things. The canvas top can be personalized with your initials for an extra $15 to $65, and it's also spill-proof and stain-resistant in case of a leak. The square shape will fit neatly in your suitcase, too, meaning you won’t have to choose between your shoes and your makeup brushes. And if it doesn't? Try the smaller size here ($75).

Best Travel Organizer Bags

7. M-jump Travel Organizer Bags


  • What We Like: partially waterproof, reasonably priced, durable, breathable
  • What We Don't Like: flimsy zippers mesh and zippers are not waterproof
  • Best For: clothes, undergarments, cosmetics, shoes

If you’re going away for more than a week, then you’ll want to give this six-piece set of travel organizer bags a try. Versatile and practical, they'll reportedly hold between seven to ten days worth of just about anything, according to the company, from your cashmere sweaters to your shoes. An added bonus, the breathable mesh cloth will keep your garments fresh and aired out for the duration of your trip.

Best Travel Tech Organizer

8. Dagne Dover Arlo Travel Organizer

Dagne Dover

  • What We Like: water-repellent for protection, convenient dual-zipper closure, recycled lining
  • What We Don't Like: hand-wash only, exterior material can crease and pill over time
  • Best For: charging cables, cords, hard drives, small tablets

If you’ve ever fallen victim to the dreaded tangled cord fiasco while traveling with your phone and laptop, then you won’t regret investing in this little guy. It comes equipped with five handy elastic loops that’ll keep your wires in place, plus several mesh pockets, making everything easily accessible as soon as you unzip. It also comes in a smaller version ($50) if you tend to travel light .

Best Travel Passport Organizer

9. Béis The Passport and Luggage Tag Set


  • What We Like: hidden magnetic closure for discreteness, only weighs 1 pound
  • What We Don't Like: pen can make it difficult to close
  • Best For: passport, pens and credit cards

Picture this: You're next in line for airport security with a line a mile long behind you, frantically digging through your purse to try to find your ID, your passport and your boarding pass, your anxiety growing by the second as your fellow passengers grow impatient behind you. Sound familiar? You need this passport organizer set. The passport holder not only houses your passport, it's got room for your ID, two credit cards and a pen, while the luggage tag will make your bag easily identifiable. As an added bonus, both pieces come inside a clear bag you can use for toiletries and other odds and ends.

Best Travel Organizer Bag Sets

10. Mark & Graham Organization Set

Mark & Graham

  • What We Like: customizable, waterproof toothbrush case, easy to clean, heat-protected interior
  • What We Don't Like: pricey
  • Best For: makeup, hair products, toothbrush

You know how Samuels advised investing in higher-quality products to save yourself from frustration? This is one of those times. Yes, you could find a cotton cosmetics case, hair bag and toothbrush case for far cheaper elsewhere. But you'd be giving up a lot of stellar features that make this set worth its price tag, like the heat-protected interior of the hair tool bag (excellent for the still-hot straightener you need to throw in your bag last minute), the wipeable interior of the cosmetics case (a true life-saver after a spill) and the waterproof-lined toothbrush holder. You can monogram each of the three cases for an extra-personal touch, and the zipper closures have a grosgrain ribbon that make them easier to pull.

Best Shoe Travel Organizer

11. Eneteck Shoe Bags


  • What We Like: minimalist cube shape, can fold flat, holds three pairs, trolley sleeve, water-resistant
  • What We Don't Like: weak zippers
  • Best For: sneakers, flip-flops, heels, loafers

Whether you’re bringing sneakers, stilettos or crocs along for the ride, there’s no better way to pack your kicks than with this travel organizer that's designed specifically for your shoes. Its three stacked layers will keep each pair separate, and its water-resistant mesh areas will keep things nice and breathable. We also love that it includes a trolley sleeve, complete with a cell phone pocket, on the back, so you won't have to take up any extra room inside your luggage to use it.

Best Travel Pouch

12. Calpak Compakt Pouch Set


  • What We Like: durable, collapsible, versatile, lightweight, heavy-duty zippers, hanging loops
  • What We Don't Like: on the thin side, colors may differ from photos
  • Best For: makeup, essentials, odds and ends

Store cosmetics, chargers and other small goods to your heart’s content with this set of ripstop nylon organizers in three different sizes. The simple-but-effective craftsmanship includes a heavy-duty zipper that runs along across the top of the cases, and the bright color options will make them easy to identify amongst a sea of packed belongings in your luggage. Reviewers say they're far more spacious than they appear and they're water-resistant, too.

Most Stylish

13. Sophia Joy Travel Organizer

Sophia Joy

  • What We Like: super spacious, wipeable lining, organizational compartments
  • What We Don't Like: may be too big for some
  • Best For: makeup, hair products

Who said you have to sacrifice order for style while on-the-go? With this chic travel organizer, you can get the best of both worlds. According to Walmart buyers, it holds more than expected between its two large compartments, and the gold hardware with double zippers is well-made, earning this bag a near-perfect rating from its fans. If you're short on packing space, however, you may want to opt for something a bit smaller.

Best Innovative Travel Organizer

14. Cadence Travel Organizer


  • What We Like: leakproof, easy to clean, pre-labeled, customizable sets, capacity calculator
  • What We Don't Like: too small for long trips, heavy, pricey, original and flex systems not compatible
  • Best For: shampoo, conditioner, contact solution, vitamins, pills

Love to be ultra-organized? Then feast your eyes on these effortlessly cool capsules by Cadence. These nifty little space-saving tiles connect together via magnets to form the shape of a hexagon. Although the pack of six may be a little on the pricey side, Cadence fans say the worry-free, truly leakproof design make them totally worth the splurge. Raved one buyer: "Maybe the first time ever I could travel with no leaks or spills whatsoever."

You can choose which containers you want in your set, and there's a little capacity calculator to tell you how much of something each one will hold. (A typical capsule, for instance, will fit 13 to 14 uses of moisturizer for about one to two weeks of use.) Pay attention to what set you're ordering if you're looking to stock up, however, as the original set linked here is not compatible with the taller, wider Flex set (from $98).

Best Packing Cubes Travel Organizer

15. Monos Compressible Travel Organizers


  • What We Like: versatile dimensions, germ- and odor-reducing, luxe fabric, hold shape two-year limited warranty
  • What We Don't Like: pricey, hard to zip
  • Best For: clothes, undergarments, thin shoes

If you’re the type of person who likes to bring your whole house with you on vacay, this set is for you. It includes four to six separate polyester cubes in varying sizes, and according to the company, each one will maximize the amount of items you'll be able to pack by compressing your items by up to 60 percent. These cubes also offer an air of luxury: One reviewer also noted that the fabric was silky-smooth to the touch, while another raved over the fact that they manage to keep their shape when empty despite still collapsing down for storage.

Best Bottle Travel Organizer

16. Morfone Bottle Travel Organizer Set


  • What We Like: chic trimmed lining, transparent center
  • What We Don't Like: oily liquids can leak
  • Best For: shampoos, conditioners, soaps and other liquids

There’s no doubt that packing your shampoos, lotions and more can be a nerve-wracking experience. That’s because sometimes, even if you do everything right, a goopy mess can still unfold in your luggage due to bumps and turns while transporting your goods. That’s where this set, specifically designed for liquid-like substances, comes in. With four TSA-approved 3-ounce, wide-mouth bottles, four 3-ounce jars, two spray bottles, two scoopers, a funnel, a cleaning brush, labels and a bag to house it all, you'll have everything you need to fill these silicone receptacles up with your most prized salves, balms and more, plus everything you'll need to clean them out when you've used them all up. The bottles also feature squeeze tops that make them easy to use. Buyers say they do tend to work better with thicker liquids, like shampoos and conditioners, than oily serums, however, which can leak.

Where to Buy Travel Organizers

While Amazon will be your best bet if you’re planning a last-minute getaway, sites dedicated to travel, such as Calpak and Béis, have a large selection of dependable products that’ll whip your packing game into shape.

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