The 17 Best Luggage Sets to Buy for Your Most Amazing Trip Yet

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You’ve booked your vacation, gawked at all the stunning Instagram photos of your destination and now, it’s time to pack. Whether you’re traveling as part of a group or on your own, flying internationally or staying close to home (New Yorkers, see our list of staycations), having a solid set of luggage is crucial to keeping your belongings safe and organized. With that in mind, we found the 17 best luggage sets that are durable, stylish and full of features that will make your travel experience one for the books! But first, here is everything we considered in our round-up.

The Best Luggage Sets at a Glance


Best Overall

Coolife 4-Piece Luggage Set

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Best Travel Luggage Set

Kenneth Cole 3-Piece Reaction Luggage Set

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Best Hard Luggage Set

Samsonite Novaire 2-Piece Luggage Set

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Best Soft Carry-On Luggage Set

Mark & Graham 2-Piece Luggage Set

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Prettiest Luggage Set

Away 2-Piece Luggage Set

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What's the Difference Between Hard and Soft Luggage?

The difference between hard and soft luggage is actually pretty simple. Mainly, if you're traveling internationally, you'll need something more heavy-duty or hard, whereas a soft set of bags will do just fine if you're taking a roadtrip. But as with most things, each type has its pros and cons, which we'll break down below.

  • Hardside Luggage: When it comes to hardside luggage, which will better protect your belongings and is easier to clean, you’ll largely be dealing with acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (aka ABS plastic), a hardside material that's popular for its high strength-to-weight ratio and its ability to withstand corrosion and adverse environmental conditions. Polycarbonate, meanwhile, is a slightly stronger, more heat-resistant, malleable type of plastic that costs more, but gives your belongings better security. While this type of luggage can’t be beat in an under-carriage pile-up, it can also be heavy and not as spacious, with little room for expansion.
  • Soft Luggage: Those looking for a softside luggage set, which promises to be lighter and more storage-friendly, will want to opt for a durable polyester that will optimize packing and facilitate expansion. The polyester should also be padded to further protect belongings from potential impact (though it likely won't perform as well as a hard set would). Buyers will also want to take care of this type of luggage since it’s more prone to tears and stains.

What to Consider When Shopping for a Luggage Set

There are many things you should consider when shopping for a luggage set. From their size to maneuverability, these attributes will ensure you pick the best luggage set for your travels, wherever you're headed.

  • Size: A great carry-on will do you no good if it’s too big to board your flight or train with. Carry-on size regulations vary by airline, but you’ll generally be safe with a bag that’s 22 inches by 14 inches by 9 inches from top to bottom.
  • Safety features: Without a lock, it will be easy for anyone to reach into your luggage and help themselves to your precious belongings. Look for a TSA lock, which will allow only you and airport personnel to open it up and inspect your things. Combination or key-style locks are both great bets, but you might be more likely to lose a key than, say, forget your combination code, which you can mark down somewhere discrete, like in the notes app of your phone.
  • Extra compartments: While a large piece of luggage can help you transport your items in bulk, the addition of pockets, slips and compartments will be clutch for staying organized on the go. Look for mesh pockets to separate your shoes or dirty laundry from your clean clothes and dividers to split luggage space between two travelers.
  • Hardware: When it comes to hardware, seek out metal zippers, clasps, locks and handles that won’t be prone to cracking, like plastic might.
  • Maneuverability: The type of wheels your luggage is equipped with will determine how well you’re able to get around, so it pays to know what you’re looking for before picking out a set. The most common options are in-line skate wheels, which are durable and recessed into your bag, allowing it to be pulled behind you. Spinner wheels, by contrast, are external and rotate a full 360 degrees, so you can pull your bag alongside or in front of you.

Now that you know everything there is to know about picking out luggage, check out some of the best options below.

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Best Overall

1. Coolife 4-Piece Luggage Set


  • Pros: ergonomic handle, TSA-lock, nesting design
  • Cons: no front pocket, only expandable in size L
  • Exterior: ABS material
  • Suitcase Sizes: 16-inch, 20-inch, 24-inch, 28 inch

Made from durable ABS material with a TSA-accepted security lock to help protect your belongings, this TikTok-approved set checks plenty of boxes, as evidenced by its best seller ranking. The 360-degree wheels will help you navigate the airport with ease, and each of the four pieces found in this set nest within one another for easy storage, so they’ll take up less space when not in use. As one happy customer raved: "Extremely impressed with this luggage! The quality is better than expected. ... You can’t beat it. Great storage pockets inside with separate zipped sides. Smooth wheels. Durable case... And the retractable handles feel top notch. Not to mention how absolutely gorgeous it is."

Best Travel Luggage Set

2. Kenneth Cole 3-Piece Reaction Luggage Set

Kenneth Cole

  • Pros: lots of colors, each piece expands up to 2 inches, multi-directional wheels
  • Cons: buyers say the shell is flimsy and cracks easily
  • Exterior: ABS material
  • Suitcase Sizes: 20-inch, 24-inch, 28-inch

If you’re often on the go, you’ll want to invest in this sleek luggage set from Kenneth Cole. With a 20-inch carry-on and 24- and 28-inch checked suitcases, it's great for traveling since it's got multi-directional wheels that spin a full 360 degrees (Read: You won't be stumbling over yourself while rushing through the airport). Each piece expands by up to 2 inches should you overpack (which, let's face it, you probably will), and you can keep things organized thanks to the multiple pockets found within. Wrote one happy buyer: "I’m super pleased by this function in all three bags. They fit a TON. All of the extra pockets are such an added bonus."

Best Hard Luggage Set

3. Samsonite Novaire 2-Piece Luggage Set


  • Pros: scratch-resistant, TSA locks
  • Cons: non-expandable, no interior cross straps
  • Exterior: bayer makrolon polycarbonate material
  • Suitcase Sizes: 21-inch, 29-inch

The definition of durable, this Makrolon (a form of polycarbonate) set, which consists of a carry-on and a spinner suitcase, comes in a textured finish that’ll help conceal scratches (and that's good news since reviewers say these can get nicked when slid into the overhead bin or thrown into the airplane's stowage area). We’re also big fans of the built-in TSA combination locks that'll make you feel more secure.

Best Soft Carry-On Luggage Set

4. Mark & Graham 2-Piece Luggage Set

Mark & Graham

  • Pros: vegan leather, can be personalized
  • Cons: likely to get dirty during transport, no built-in TSA lock
  • Exterior: polyurethane material
  • Suitcase Sizes: 22-inch

The best part about soft luggage sets? They fit into tight places more easily and are less likely to go over weight limits, in large part thanks to the pliable, lightweight design. This one from Mark & Graham can be customized with your initials and is made with a sleek vegan leather that's friendly to animals, and ultra-chic to boot.

Prettiest Luggage Set

5. Away 2-Piece Luggage Set


  • Pros: mix and match sizes and colors, customizable luggage tag
  • Cons: steep price tag
  • Exterior: polyurethane/aluminum material
  • Suitcase Sizes: 21.7-inch, 26-inch

You'll get a $50 discount for creating your own set from two Away luggage pieces of your choice. The Carry-On, which measures 21.7-inches to fit regulations for most major aircrafts and features TSA locks, is the brand's quintessential luggage piece. It's got luxe leather detailing, including the tag, which can be customized with your initials. There's also a hidden laundry bag for keeping your soiled clothes separated from your clean ones. The Medium, meanwhile, features many of the same niceties, only in a more generous 26-inch size.

Best Disney Luggage Set

6. American Tourister 2-Piece Disney Luggage Set

American Tourister

  • Pros: affordable, kid-friendly
  • Cons: does not have a TSA-lock
  • Exterior: ABS material 
  • Suitcase Sizes: 20-inch, 28-inch

You don’t have to be en route to Disneyland to enjoy this whimsical luggage set (although we’re totally jealous if you are). Not only do the 20- and 28-inch spinners have a nostalgic Mickey Mouse print that lovers of the House of Mouse will go gaga for, they're practical, too, thanks to the interior cross straps that will prevent your items from jostling around and the spinner wheels, which are reportedly smooth enough for even a child to roll. "Sturdy and super easy to manage," wrote one happy buyer. "[Our granddaughters] are 6 and 8 and handled their own luggage."

Best Carry-On Luggage Set

7. Traveler’s Club 3-Piece Sky+ Luggage Set

Traveler’s Club

  • Pros: convenient, expandable
  • Cons: buyers say the handle is unreliable
  • Exterior: ABS material
  • Suitcase Sizes: 20-inch, 15-inch boarding tote, 10-inch toiletry case

Sick of paying pesky check-in fees and waiting forever at baggage claim? This set includes three pieces that can all fit inside the plane, including a small 20-inch suitcase, a boarding tote that will fit over the suitcase's trolley handle and a travel kit. You'll also get the best of both worlds with this set's mix of hardshell and softshell pieces, which many Amazon reviewers cited as being extremely durable. All that for less than $60? Sign us up!

Best Smart Luggaget Set

8. Wrangler Smart 3-Piece Luggage Set


  • Pros: phone and coffee cup holder, USB charging port
  • Cons: battery pack is not included, no TSA lock
  • Exterior: ABS material
  • Suitcase Sizes: 20-inch, 24-inch, 28-inch

They say it's the little things, and this Wrangler set just may be proof with their patented three-in-one cup holders on the backs of each of its 28-inch, 24-inch and 20-inch suitcases. But wait—there’s more! There’s also a USB port with a phone charging cliff to set your phone on, so you can sit anywhere you damn well please while you're waiting for takeoff. With multi-directional spinner wheels, you won't need to worry about moving through tight spaces: just glide the bags alongside you. Each one is expandable to fit more when needed, and the four side studs and side handles will help when you have to awkwardly hoist the bursting, just-shy-of-the-weight-limit suitcase on the conveyer for weigh-in.

Best Designer Luggage Set

9. Badgley Mischka 3-Piece Luggage Set

Badgley Mischka

  • Pros: chic exterior, expandable bodies, adjustable handles
  • Cons: reviewers say the quality is questionable
  • Exterior: ABS material
  • Suitcase Sizes: 22-inch, 26-inch, 30-inch

Fashion gals will adore traveling with this glamorous set from Vogue-approved designer Badgley Mischka. If the trendy snakeskin pattern doesn’t sell you, the expandable bodies and multi-level trolley handles, which can be adjusted to best suit your height, definitely will. Just don't forget to use coupon code SCORE to get the discount.

Trendiest Luggage Set

10. Béis Luggage 2-Piece Set


  • Pros: weight indicator, built-in laundry bags
  • Cons: expensive price tag
  • Exterior: polycarbonate material
  • Suitcase Sizes: 26-inch, 29-inch

If you haven't heard of Béis luggage by now, prepare to be obsessed. Not only are these suitcases totally 'Gram-worthy (they were created by Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell, after all), the designers really thought of everything as far as function goes. The built-in weight indicator ensures you never overpack, there's an included laundry bag for your dirty clothes, each one has TSA-locks and they're stain-resistant.

Best Modern Luggage Set

11. Calvin Klein Filmore 3-Piece Luggage Set

Calvin Klein

  • Pros: bold colors, easy-to-clean surface
  • Cons: reviewers have mentioned the wheels and zippers break down
  • Exterior: ABS material
  • Suitcase Sizes: 22-inch, 27-inch, 30.75-inch

Made with durable-yet-lightweight ABS plastic, this hard luggage set has a clean, modern look and comes in vibrant hues that will make it super easy to spot on the carousel following your flight. It's got tie-down belts inside to help you smush down your denim pile and a sturdy exterior that will be a breeze to wipe down should someone knock into you (and your coffee).

Most Secure Luggage Set

12. Calpak Astyll 3-Piece Luggage Set


  • Pros: sleek design, reliable
  • Cons: it's final sale
  • Exterior: polycarbonate and ABS material
  • Suitcase Sizes: 22-inch, 25.5-inch, 29.5-inch

If you're a nervous flyer, this set, which features a TSA-approved lock and a durable hard shell, will give you one less thing to worry about. To make things even better, each piece expands by up to two inches and comes with handy pocket dividers. But our favorite part? The super-chic marbled pattern that’ll make it easy to spot at baggage claim.

Best Luggage Set for Kids

13. Travelers Club Kids' 5-Piece Luggage Set

Travelers Club

  • Pros: kid-friendly patterns, perfectly sized for little ones
  • Cons: buyers say the pieces aren't super durable
  • Exterior: ABS material
  • Suitcase Sizes: 18-inch, 15-inch backpack, 10-inch lunch bag

Getting a miniature luggage set to bring along clothing, books, toys, and, of course, electronics along for a family trip is like a rite of passage for a growing child. This set comes in a variety of fun patterns and can be carried onto the plane in its entirety. Along with the 18-inch hardside suitcase, you'll get a 15-inch backpack (large enough for a tablet, stuffy, a pair of headphones and some books), a 10-inch lunch bag (perfect for filling with snacks), a neck pillow for in-air naps and a luggage tag. They’ll feel like a grown-up ready to head out on an adventure.

Best Expandable Luggage Set

14. SwissGear 3-Piece Sion Luggage Set


  • Pros: extra roomy, all-direction wheels
  • Cons: does not have TSA-locks, gets dirty easily
  • Exterior: polyester material
  • Suitcase Sizes: 21-inch, 25-inch, 29-inch

If you’re like us, you always return from a vacation, or even a business trip, with more items than you left with. Expandable luggage sets are a godsend when, despite the temptation to resist, you ended up shopping ‘til you dropped and bringing home souvenirs for everyone. The largest suitcase in this set is 29 inches, but you can expand its midsection to fit more if needed. The set also includes an expandable 21-inch carry-on and 25-inch checked bag for shorter jaunts. There's also the 360-degree spinner wheels that make the luggage super easy to maneuver, even in a busy airport or street.

Best for Families

15. American Flyer 5-Piece Madrid Luggage Set

American Flyer

  • Pros: good for large families, cool print
  • Cons: reviewers say longevity may be an issue
  • Exterior: polyester material
  • Suitcase Sizes: 22-inch, 26-inch, 28-inch

Even if you’re traveling with the whole fam, you won't need to drag along multiple sets of luggage if you've got this collection, which has enough bags to accommodate a family of five for a week away. There’s a large 28-inch upright spinner, a medium 26-inch carry-on, a small 22-inch spinner, an 18-inch wheeled duffle and a 17.5-inch personal bag—with all of them offering an extra two inches of expandability as needed. They also have plenty of front pocket storage for easy access to your daughter's Kindle or your son's AirPods. The unisex print will please everyone in the family, too, from your picky hubby to your moody teen.

Best Budget

16. Amazon Basics 2-Piece Luggage Set

Amazon Basics

  • Pros: less than $200, scratch-resistant, organized storage
  • Cons: doesn't have a TSA-lock, buyers say the carry-on is too large for some airlines
  • Exterior: ABS material
  • Suitcase Sizes: 21-inch, 30-inch

Not everyone has the budget or desire to blow $200+ on a luggage set—or maybe you do, but you don’t travel enough to justify it. If you’re just looking for a good deal on a decent set, this is it. You'll get a 21-inch and 30-inch hardside spinner, so you’ll have more than enough room for several outfits per day (beachwear, after all, is totally different than eveningwear, and one bathing suit just won’t do!) With a sturdy, telescoping handle, an expandable interior with an organizer, divider and zippered pockets and spinner wheels, what more could you ask for at this price?

Best 2-Piece Luggage Set

17. July 2-Piece Luggage Set


  • Pros: mod design, tons of features, lifetime guarantee
  • Cons: pricey, quite heavy
  • Exterior: polycarbonate material
  • Suitcase Sizes: 21.7-inch, 28.25-inch

Sure, it's pricey, but this two-piece collection from July also comes with a lifetime guarantee. And it has just about everything you could ever ask for in a luggage set, from the durable polycarbonate material to the water- and stain-resistant lining that will help protect your belongings. Leather detailing lends an air of luxury, and you won't ever have to worry about finding a place to charge your electronics at the airport; this baby has an ejectable power bank built right into the carry-on trunk. The checked trunk, meanwhile, is on the larger side at 26 inches, so you'll have plenty of room for extra storage. Writes one buyer: "I was able to ditch the majority of inner bags as the case has some clever spaces, such as the laundry bag and the compressor that is also a sleeve."

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