7 Trends That Will Be Huge This May

From ankle bracelets and glitter ponytails to the new mindfulness meditation and the hottest way to style your garden, here are seven trends we’re betting will be huge in May.

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cirque colors bright orange nail polish

Orange Nails

See ya, subtle millennial pink. This season’s hottest color is safety orange, a traffic-stopping hue that’s both super fun and can also help even the most sun-deprived hands achieve a sun-kissed glow. We love Cirque Colors polish in Extra.

iphone open to instagram


If 2017 was the year of Instagrowth, 2018 just might be the year of Instapurging. Bascially, it’s going through the list of people you follow on the Gram and unfollowing any account that makes you feel kinda…crappy. You know: The supermom who makes you feel bad about not hand-pureeing all your kids’ vegetables…or the ex boyfriend whose feed reminds you that you’re not entirely over him. Quite simply, it’s a nice easy way to practice self-care.

Glitter Hair

Love it or hate it, festival season is upon us, and if Instagram’s Explore tab is any indication, that mostly means skimpy outfits, overpriced novelty snacks and glittery hair. This trend—which was basically made to be photographed—is typically done with temporary dyes or spray-on hair glitter. But probably best to observe from a safe distance.

creeping blue star everdell1
Courtesy of Elizabeth Everdell Garden Design

Groundcover 'lawns'

This low-maintenance trend (all the rage in British design mags) is one we can totally get behind: groundcover plantings. The ultimate alternative to green grass yards, these super-natural lawns rely on flowering plants like blue star creeper, which offers gorgeous texture and color (seen here between pavers in an Elizabeth Everdell garden).

woman wearing jeans and anklets
Kirstin Sinclair/Getty Images


They’re ba-aaack. Ankle jewelry is just the latest in a long line of ‘90s trends that are hot right now. But unlike the styles you wore at summer camp with your bunkmates, the 2018 anklet is a sleek and subtle way to accessorize an outfit. Look for delicate gold versions—say, from Argento Vivo or Jennifer Zeuner—or add some charms or chains, like the ones from Ettika and Arme de L’Amour.

woman meditating in the grass
Marcin Wiklik/Getty Images


If you’ve tried mindfulness meditation, yoga and breathwork to no avail, then maybe sophrology could help. This buzzy self-development technique is a structured method of exercise that promotes physical and mental well-being. Per certified sophrologist Niamh Lyons, “It combines breathing techniques, guided meditation, mindfulness, visualization, phenomenology and gentle movement. It is not a hands-on therapy, meaning that it can be done anywhere and doesn’t require special clothing or equipment.” Here’s more info, including how to do it yourself.

chunky dad sneakers are trending1
Timur Emek/Getty Images

Dad Fashion

The natural extension of the norm-core movement (and the resurgence of the “Dad Bod,”), spring’s “Dad Fashion” influx is all about chunky sweaters, oversize jeans and decidedly un-hip baseball caps. Stylish ladies like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner have hopped on the bandwagon, and all we can say is: Yep, those orthopedic kicks sure do look comfortable.

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