Important Fashion News Alert: Anklets Are Trending (but Not How You Think)
Kirstin Sinclair/Getty Images

Between platform sneakers, tracksuits and fanny packs (excuse us, belt bags), ’90s trends are back with a vengeance. The next style poised for resurgence? Anklets. Seriously…let’s discuss.

We know what you’re thinking: Anklets should stay in high school with our corduroy overalls and all-neon everything.

But do us a favor and take another look at the photo above. Doesn’t that lady look downright dainty? Exactly.

The trick is to choose the right kind of anklet. While there was a time and a place for the braided versions (namely, at summer camp with your bunkmates), the 2018 anklet is a sleek and subtle way to accessorize an outfit (it can totally be your third piece). Look for delicate gold styles—say, from Argento Vivo or Jennifer Zeuner—or add some charms or chains, like the ones from Ettika and Arme de L’Amour.

As far as styling, treat an anklet like you would any other piece of jewelry, which is to say, don’t overdo it. With cropped jeans and a neutral-colored shoe, an anklet looks sophisticated. Paired with a breezy sundress and white sneakers, ankle bling is fun and youthful.

Basically what we’re saying is, don’t write this one off too quickly.

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