Dad-Approved Fashion Is Trending (Dad Jokes, Though, Not So Much)

In middle school, we wouldn’t have been caught dead in anything that resembled our dad’s clothes. In fact we pretty much stuck exclusively to styles our old man loathed (crop tops and cutoffs, anyone?). Cut to 2018 and suddenly we’re using old family photos as outfit inspo and digging through his closet. We’re just as shocked as anyone, but fatherly fashion is on the rise, so here are six trendy items perfect for twinning with your dad.

Delightfully Weird and Useful Advice We’ve Gotten from Our Dads

Hawaiian Button-downs

You might want to raid your pop’s collection of short-sleeved Tommy Bahama shirts next time you visit, but we suggest styling them with a pair of chic black skinny jeans and pointy-toe pumps instead of cargo shorts. Think more summery, and less retirement-ready.

Get the look: Patagonia ($44); Double Rainbouu ($175); Ralph Ralph Lauren ($350)

chunky dad sneakers are trending
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Super-chunky Sneakers

Hey, if this geriatric level of arch support is good enough for the likes of Chanel, Balenciaga and dad, then it’s good enough for us. Plus, they’re way comfier than any high heel could ever be, even our darling kitten heels (sorry). Wear them just like you would your all-white trainers to nail the look.

Get the look: Puma ($100); Adidas Originals ($120); New Balance ($175); ASH ($279)

woman wearing dad jeans
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Dad Jeans

Kind of like mom jeans, only a bit baggier and made with raw denim, just like Clint Eastwood’s. Cropped lengths (which you can easily cut yourself in a pinch) are more flattering on your non-dad frame while a ruffled top and pointy-toe flats help the masculine denim feel more ladylike.

Get the look: Lucky Brand ($119); Parker Smith ($198); MM6 Maison Margiela ($430)

baseball caps with sunglasses perched on top
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Baseball Caps

Lazy girls, rejoice! This headwear is a ridiculously easy solution to greasy, unwashed hair (and the fact that you forgot to buy dry shampoo). Bonus points if you keep your sunglasses on top of the brim, just like your old man.

Get the look: L.L.Bean ($15); Jack Wills ($26); & Other Stories ($29); New Era ($48)

track suits inspired by your dad
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Somewhere between Paris Hilton’s Juicy velour and your father’s old go-to gym getup is a chic, sporty set that you can wear to brunch without even a hint of humiliation. Side-stripe pants with cropped, half-zip pullovers are the sweet spot and can also be worn as slick separates.

Get the look: Ellesse top ($79) and pants ($64); Adidas top ($75) and pants ($65); Fenty Puma x Rihanna top ($140) and pants ($165)

woman wearing a red white and blue fanny pack
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Fanny Packs

He embarrassed the hell out of you with his red, white and blue Disney-vacation ensemble, but turns out he was just way ahead of his time. Belt bags of all varieties (not just fancy Gucci ones) are trending, and honestly, we could get used to his easy, hands-free lifestyle.

Get the look: REI ($25); ASOS ($29); Cotopaxi ($30); ALOHA Collection ($36); Steve Madden ($54)



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