5 Trends That Will Be Huge This July

From quick and easy digital detoxes to cannabis-infused foods (yep), here are five trends you’ll be seeing a whole lot of in July.

These Are Summer 2018’s Biggest Food Trends


No-phone Brunches

Perhaps it was the news that blue light ages skin. Perhaps it was the fact that nobody has made eye contact since 2014. But we recently met a waiter who tipped us off to the trend of no-phone brunches, wherein everyone puts their phones in the middle of the table until the end of the meal. Touch your device any earlier? You have to pay the bill. Deal.

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Slouchy Woven Bags

Remember last year when the Gaia ark bag reigned supreme? Well, this summer we’ve been noticing a slightly slouchier take on the trend, cropping up at places like Free People and Alienina. July’s "it" bag? Yep, we’re calling it.

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Candace Kumai


Kintsugi is the traditional Japanese practice of repairing broken pottery with golden glue, and thereby embracing the flaws of a treasured object. Kintsugi wellness is a concept dreamed up by food and wellness blogger Candice Kumai, who wrote a book on the subject of incorporating the philosophy into every aspect of your life—from learning to love your physical “flaws” to considering yourself a work in progress. With self-care as a term that even your grandma knows, this seems like a logical next step.

Coachman Hotel

Fancy Motels

While the Airbnb-fueled share economy is still going strong, we have noticed a new trend in the world of travel accommodations: Old (sometimes scuzzy) motels that are being converted into ultra-hip boutique hotels. Think: the newly renovated Coachman Hotel in northern California (pictured above) or the Amigo Motor Lodge in Colorado, which boasts a sunroom, baltic birch bed frames and equally trendy concrete countertops.

cbd oil soft serve ice cream

Cbd Oil Food

Cannabis culture is everywhere, from our nighttime routine to our makeup bag. And now it’s officially hit our kitchens thanks to CBD oil, which creative cooks are putting in salads, lattes and ice cream (like the gorgeous bowl above from NYC’s Kokus). The compound is derived from hemp, and is popular with chefs because it’s legal in all U.S. states and has just .3 percent THC. That's enough to help relieve pain, decrease stress and improve focus without leaving you flat on your back. Good to know.

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