From Katsu to Fizzy Cold Brew, These Are the Summer’s Biggest Food Trends

You’ve got so many places to go, people to see and things to eat this summer. Add these 9 trendy treats to your shortlist, because they’re about to be everywhere. We’ll take a self-care cocktail with CBD oil and a side of elote pasta salad, please.

3 Trends That Are Officially Out for Summer 2018 (Plus What to Wear Instead)

rhubarb fennel and vermouth cocktail recipe
Honestly Yum

Session Cocktails

While rosé is practically our summer anthem, having a few too many glasses can equal a major headache. Enter low-proof cocktails, which you can sip all day long in the scorching summer heat. Try a Rhubarb, Fennel & Vermouth Cocktail or stick with what you know and whip up an Aperol Spritz.

chicken katsu sandos recipe
Just One Cookbook

Katsu Sandos

Forget club sandwiches. Japanese chicken cutlet sandwiches, aka chicken katsu sandos, are everywhere this season. We’ve seen all kinds of other katsu mashups too, like katsu rice bowls, katsu burgers and katsu curry.

coffee spritzer recipe
Inquiring Chef

Cold Brew Tonics

Pop quiz: What’s even more refreshing than an iced coffee? (Not a trick question.) Meet the cold brew spritzer, made from equal parts cold brew concentrate and tonic water. Add some ice and a dash of citrus and you’ve got the ultimate summer pick-me-up.

barbecue gochujung glazed ribs recipe
The Crepes of Wrath

Korean Flavors

It’s hard to open a menu right now without spotting something topped with kimchi. This summer, trade in a warming rice bowl for barbecue gochujung-glazed ribs. The flavorful condiment is everywhere, including the international aisle in most grocery stores.

cone with two scoops dairy free ice cream

Dairy-free Ice Creams That Are Actually Fab

Heavy cream is getting a major kick in the butt this season, because dairy-free options are cooler than ever. Check out our grocery store favorites, hat tip to McConnell's new line of delicious dairy-free pints, and keep your eyes peeled for plant-based soft-serve shops made with ingredients like charcoal, bee pollen and turmeric.

woman holding glass of white wine and glass of rose

Grüner Veltliner Wine

According to wine influencer Heather Gordon, this Austrian varietal is an ultra-clean, crisp sipper that’s fab for balmy days. (And did we mention it’s the white vino of the season?)

elote pasta recipe
Chelsea’s Messy Apron

Elote Entrees

Last summer, we experimented with elote appetizers, like Mexican Street Corn Dip and Mexican Street Corn Deviled Eggs. This year, the sky’s the limit as the Mexican favorite comes front and center at every picnic and barbecue. Bring a bowl of Mexican Street Corn Pasta Salad to Aunt Suzy’s potluck next weekend.

kombucha mojitos recipe
Half Baked Harvest

Self-care Cocktails

Don’t get us wrong, we love a tiki cocktail drenched with syrup. But healthyish concoctions are making a splash, too. Think: kombucha mojitos, adaptogen elixirs and green margaritas. Pack in the nutrients while you unwind.

cbd oil soft serve ice cream

Cbd Oil Goodies

Cannabis culture has officially hit our dining room table (and we're not mad about it). Look for CBD oil-laced treats, from lattes and ice cream (like this gorgeous bowl from Kokus) to fast-casual salad bowls. The compound, derived from hemp, is popular with chefs because it’s legal in all U.S. states and has just .3 percent THC—just enough to help relieve pain, decrease stress and improve focus without leaving you flat on your back.

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Food Editor

From 2017 to 2019 Heath Goldman held the role of Food Editor covering food, booze and some recipe development, too. Tough job, eh?