Don’t get us wrong: Texting has totally made life easier. (Not having to actually talk to your mother-in-law? Clutch.) But sometimes our age belies us and we let slip bad usage that makes us look like a total rookie. Here, 18 things to never, ever do in text form.

1. A period after one word. You typed “Okay.”And it made you look mad/depressive/passive-aggressive.

2. A signature. “Sincerely, Karen.” Are you 90?

3. “Kk.” Are you 15?

4. Any question followed by “?!?!?!????!” Dramatic, much?

5. “Hold on.” Just respond when you’re able.

6. A sentence or single thought separated into multiple text messages. This. Is. Annoying to. Read. So please stop. Sending. Messages like this.

7. Hashtag anything. Save it for Instagram.

8. Anything directed at a single person in a group text. Your entire extended family doesn’t need to know that you want your husband to pick up soy sauce.

9. Group texts in general. Can we just unsubscribe?

10. “Hahahahahahhahahhaaha.” We get. We’re hilarious.

11. Multiple misspelled words. Auto correct is your friend.

12. Corrections of obvious misspellings. You wrote “Hye there.” Everyone knows what you meant.

13. Complicated acronyms. IAMICYBS? Going to assume you pocket-texted.

14. A novel in response to a simple question. We really don’t need to know exactly what the restaurant smelled like.

15. “Hello?” when you don't get a reply. Hate to break it to ya, but that’s not going to help your case.

16. ANYTHING IN ALL CAPS. Don’t raise your voice at me!

17. A single emoji. “Winking ghost” cannot stand on its own.

18. Excessive emojis. Is this some sort of pictograph? We have no clue what Grandma-horse-diamond-diamond means, OK? Or should we say: Okay.

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