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In Facebookland, everything is up for discussion. So it can be tempting to submit every life question to your wall and get a goldmine of opinions from your old hairstylist, your friend’s cousin you once met at a wedding and, of course, your mom. But some info requests can skew a bit too personal (or just straight-up awkward). Here, seven queries better asked offline.

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facebook advice legal

Legal Advice

Whoops, you’re being audited for tax fraud, or are involved in a sticky marital dispute. What you put in writing—yes, even if you blocked the other parties involved—can and will be used against you. A better plan: Consider which of your friends may have lawyer contacts and shoot them a personal note.

facebook advice medical

Medical Help

If you’re looking for a primary care physician, fine. But the minute you delve into the specifics of your undiagnosed gastrointestinal illness and search for a doctor with a cure, you’ve crossed a line. (Like legal stuff, you’ll get a way better response if you tailor your ask.)

facebook advice google

Things You Can Google Yourself

What’s the weather today? Who took home the final rose on The Bachelorette? We appreciate the laziness but also want to remind you, plugging your question into Google will yield much faster (and much more accurate) results.

facebook advice dinner

Dinner Ideas

If you’re sourcing recipes for a Pinterest board and future meals, more power to you. But if can’t decide between pizza or Thai for takeout, listen to your stomach, not your social feed.

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facebook advice jobs

Job Prospects

We get it. You’re job hunting. But whether your employment needs are urgent or not, a personalized note (or direct Facebook message) to former colleagues will garner a way better response rate than a blast to all 857 of your online friends.

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facebook advice house


Include the dates you’ll be out of town and it’s like you’re asking to be robbed. Sure, your friends may not be the culprits, but hackers (aka bad guys) are pretty good at finding a way around all privacy walls.

facebook advice paris

Travel Recommendations

Yay, you’re going to Greece in T minus 15 days. But broadcasting this to everyone in your social feed guised as a request for itinerary ideas feels more like a humblebrag than an actual request for info. Besides, a personal email to someone who recently went seems way more useful and ideal.

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