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Checking Gmail used to be fun...before it became a black hole of store marketing and spam. Here, three super-simple ways to clear your inbox of clutter for good. (Except for your day-making PureWow emails, of course.)

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Take a Shortcut to Unsubscribing

If you’re using Gmail (in our opinion, the best), just open the message you no longer care to receive (say, from a retailer you shopped at once). To the right of the sender’s email address, you’ll see a button labeled Unsubscribe. Click it and a pop-up window should appear asking you to confirm the action. And then that’s it. Two seconds later, you’re off the list.

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Set Up a Filter

Another Gmail hack: Simply check the box beside the email you no longer want to receive in your inbox and then click the More drop-down menu at the top of your inbox. There, you’ll see an option called Filter Messages Like These. A pop-up will appear with the sender’s email address already filled in. Click Create Filter With This Search in the bottom right-hand corner of the pop-up, select Delete It and then Create Filter. Going forward, all messages from that email address will be permanently blocked.

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Sign Up For UnRoll.Me

Not using Gmail? UnRoll.Me is a free service that consolidates your newsletters into a neatly organized daily digest that you can review all in one shot. It works by scanning your inbox for subscriptions and then listing them all in alphabetical order so you can unsubscribe to the ones you no longer care to receive. Anything left goes into your daily roll-up.

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