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This App Tells You What to Wear Based on the Weather
Shoulda downloaded the app, B.

Before getting dressed in the morning, we typically check the weather. Is it going to downpour? Or be the most beautiful day of the year? And as much as we love good old, it doesn?t give us that much information. That?s why we?re so jazzed about COAT?, a new hybrid weather-fashion app from the good folks at Glamour.

Once you download the free app, enter your zip code and unlock a world of crucial weather-related fashion information--like if you need a coat, a ponytail or an umbrella.

Say the forecast calls for temps in the mid-50s and light rain later on. The app will then tell you to wear a light waterproof jacket, put your hair into a high ponytail and bring an umbrella for later. Taking it a step further, it offers styling tips and shopping options for each of those categories.

Our favorite part is that it doesn?t take itself too seriously. On a recent particularly humid day, it told us: ?Put your hair up. Put it up now. Unless you love having a sweaty neck.? 

Amen, sisters.

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