Your Los Angeles Voting Guide for the 2020 Election (Including Where to Get Free Election Anxiety Therapy)

In the marketplace of ideas, the concept of participating in democracy by casting your vote is the gold standard. But in 2020, that right is extra-challenging, when you try to make sense of not only the heated political debate, but also the very mechanics of casting your vote. (Where? How? Is it pandemic-safe?) With the election just weeks away (reminder: November 3 is Election Day), it's time to make your voting plan—as well as manage your post-ballot-casting expectations. Here are five things you need to know to cast your vote— and as a little bonus, we've linked to where you can get free therapy for all your Big Feelings before, during and after the Big Day.

1. It’s Not Too Late to Register to Vote

You may have missed Monday's deadline to register online, but during the 11-day voting period (i.e., Oct. 24 to Nov. 3), you can go to a polling place and fill out what's called a conditional voter registration. You'll then be able to fill out a voting ballot and return it to a poll worker. Once your registration has been verified, your vote will be counted, and you'll be able to vote in any upcoming election. Just make sure when registering to have your California driver’s license or ID card number, the last four digits of your Social Security number and your date of birth.

2. You Should Have Received a Vote-By-Mail Ballot

3. You Can Track Your Ballot’s Whereabouts

4. Voting In Person Is Still an Option

5. Learn About the Propositions

There's a host of propositions on the ballot this election that are even easier to decide on than previous years, since the many vote-by-mail ballots have basically rendered them take-home-tests. Here's an explainer on the 12 state-wide measures—because we know you have opinions on property taxes, workplace rights, criminal justice and more.

6. All Stressed Out About Voting? Text Some Free Therapy

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