‘Virgin River’ Gives a Major Season 4 Update: It’s a Wrap for Hope and the Ladies

Alexandra Breckenridge isn’t the only lady of Virgin River who has officially finished filming season four. In fact, a whole subset of the cast recently shot their final scene, and it was all captured in a heartwarming video on Instagram.

On Tuesday, the show’s IG account shared a behind-the-scenes clip of Stacey Farber (Tara), Gwynyth Walsh (Jo Ellen), Christina Jastrzembska (Lydie), Annette O’Toole (Hope McCrea) and more during their last moments on the set of the upcoming installment.

“Hope and the ladies….It’s a wrap for all on S4!! #virginriver #virginriverseries #virginrivernetflix #netflix #virginriverseriesnetflix,” the post’s caption read.

In the footage, we see the group of women sitting around a table. The camera pans to each of them as the director announces “it’s a wrap” for each actress. The clip starts off with Farber and ends at O’Toole. “And thank god she’s back this year, that's a wrap on Annette everybody,” the voice says at the end.

Fans and followers were thrilled to see the ladies back in action, especially Hope. One eagle-eyed fan, who was clearly looking for spoilers, pointed out, “I guess that means Hope survived.” Another follower wrote, “Wow seeing Hope well is so good. I can't wait for this season. Thank you very much ladies!!” while a second added, “Hoooope!!! So happy to see you back! Can’t wait to hear your witty banter again! Cheers to all the ladies for finishing up filming 12 episodes! Can’t wait to watch!”

We need a release date immedaitely.

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