'Virgin River' Season Four Update: Star Alexandra Breckenridge Has Officially Wrapped Filming

It’s a wrap for Alexandra Breckenridge on the set of Virgin River season four. The official social media for Netflix’s popular drama series just announced that the 39-year-old actress finished shooting her scenes for the upcoming installment.

On Wednesday, the IG account shared a behind-the-scenes clip of Breckenridge (who portrays Mel Monroe) celebrating the exciting achievement. “This is how cast and crew say it’s a wrap to the smart, beautiful and talented Mel Monroe,” the caption read.

In the very blurry clip, the director announces that shooting for Mel Monroe is complete. Breckenridge—who is wearing a purple robe—then breaks out into a move that resembles an air guitar, before giving her final curtsy. The camera then pans around to the rest of the cast and crew who are clapping and cheering. Towards the end of the footage, Breckenridge hugs her co-star, Martin Henderson, jumps up and down and says, “We did it! We’re done. Well, I’m done, he’s not done.”

It seems like production for the new installment is right on or close to schedule. According to What's on Netflix, season four began shooting at the end of July 2021, with filming planned to be completed at the end of November. And since the main character is already done, it’s likely that there aren’t a ton more scenes that need to be filmed.

Unfortunately, there’s still no word on when fans can expect the fourth installment to hit the streaming platform. However, most of the online estimates predict between April and July of 2022.

Congrats, Alexandra. We can’t wait to see what Mel has in store this season.

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