‘Virgin River’ Just Shared a New Behind-the-Scenes Photo of Jack & Fans Have Thoughts

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

When it comes to Virgin River theories, fans do not mess around. The popular Netflix series knows this and used it to its advantage by sharing a behind-the-scenes snap that sent followers into a frenzy.

Last month, the official Instagram account of the drama series shared a slideshow of photos of Jack (Martin Henderson) holding Lilly's (Lynda Boyd) daughter, Chloe. “Jack ready to be a Dad?…BTS S3,” the post’s caption read.

The short note is clearly referring to the season three finale, where Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge) tells Jack that’s she pregnant right before his proposal. Oh, and he might not be the father.

And considering Mel had paid a visit to the L.A. fertility clinic to discuss her frozen embryos from her previous marriage, fans were left contemplating whether or not Jack would actually be the dad.

Of course, this post ignited some heated discussions from fans. It appears a variety of viewers are hoping that Jack turns out to be the baby’s paternal father. One user answered the caption’s question and wrote, “Yes I believe he is ready mainly with his and Mel's baby,” while another added, “Let this new baby with Mel be his.”

However, a handful of others are crossing their fingers that the child turns out to be Mel’s ex-husband, Mark’s (Daniel Gillies). “Jack is great but I'm sure Mark would be the best father ever,” a follower said. A second user chimed in, “Mel deserves Mark’s son!!!!!!”

Regardless who the father is, it seems like fans are ready to meet Mel’s baby.

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