​Is it Just Us, Or Does Trevor from ‘Listen to Your Heart’ Look Exactly Like Jed Wyatt?​

During the season premiere of The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart, we couldn’t seem to shake the feeling that we’ve seen Trevor before. There was something eerily familiar about the contestant (no, we don’t mean that he previously appeared on American Idol), and it didn’t click until former Bachelorette Hannah Brown pointed it out: Trevor is Jed Wyatt 2.0.

We first met Trevor during last night’s episode of the spin-off series, and we can’t deny that the contestant could totally pass for Wyatt’s brother (if not the man himself). Not only are they both musicians, but they also look like they’re related. Everything from the scruffy beard to the Sherpa-lined jacket is giving us major nostalgia, and we’re not the only one who thinks so.

After watching the premiere, Brown joked about the uncanny resemblance on Twitter and wrote, “I’m triggered by this whole thing. @chrisbharrison #TheBachelorLTYH.”

Even Wyatt chimed in and confirmed that he’s experiencing déjà vu, writing, “Something about this new show feels familiar. Maybe it’s Trevor’s jacket, maybe it’s all the guitars. Stay tuned.”

Runner-up Tyler Cameron (who has been self-quarantining with Brown) also commented on the connection. “We’ve seen how this whole look turns out already...” he wrote. And then added, “They should give Jed producer credits because he is definitely the creative idea for this show.”

Although Chris Harrison previously revealed The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart is inspired by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s performance at the 2019 Academy Awards, we’re starting to think that’s just a red herring. After all, the evidence doesn’t lie.

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