Are Beth and Randall Headed for Trouble (Again) on ‘This Is Us’?

I hate to say it, but after last night’s episode of This Is Us, it looks like Randall (Sterling K. Brown) and Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) are headed down a rocky road again.

In season three, episode 14 of the hit NBC series, titled “Graduation,” the couple realizes that between Beth’s new ballet class teaching schedule and Randall’s job as city councilman, there isn’t much time left for the kids. And since Tess (Eris Baker) recently came out and Deja (Lyric Ross) made it clear she needs structure, someone needs to make a sacrifice.

Unfortunately, Randall asks Beth to put her dream of teaching ballet on hold so the girls can get the attention they deserve and he can fulfill his obligations in office. Here’s the problem with that—Beth already made a major sacrifice when he asked her to support him during his campaign. It’s his turn to figure it out.

In episode 13, Randall even went so far as to say he needs to be there for Beth more than ever because she’s struggling after losing her job. Luckily, she remembered her passion for dance and decided to pursue that as a career. It’s something that so clearly brings her joy and purpose. So why, pray tell, does Randall strip her of that so soon after she’s found her calling?

Now, obviously one of them has to make a sacrifice, and given that Randall made a commitment to his constituents, it can’t really be him. But there must be some combination of babysitters, family help and after-school programs that could allow Beth to teach at least a little. Logistics with three kids and two jobs are rough, but when one half of a Jack-and-Rebecca-level romance finds the life raft they need to stay afloat, don’t rip it out of their hands.

All I can say is even though Beth handled the conversation in stride, something tells me Randall is going to be sleeping on the couch before he knows it. Better get cozy.

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